SMP4 wilderness in decadence

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Do you think SMP4 wilderness is abandoned?

Yes 8 vote(s) 50.0%
No 8 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. The frontier in SMP4 is mostly abandoned ¿by who you say?
    By staff! (and players too)
    most of the frontier is either griefed, destroyed by creepers, mined as if it were wastelands, and has tons of horrible flying chopped trees...

    I'm not sure if this also happens in all the other smp's but at least SMP4 seems to be abandoned by the staff! i've never seen a moderator/staff online, not even once :/
    Even in town, most of the building rules are being broken by players and there's no control of the situation.

    This matter makes me wonder how old/active is this server.
    All of this problems, added to a semi-active community have made me even reconsider about leaving the empire :(

    I really hope someone reads this post so that the time i took by writing this honest post doesn't comes in vain :)
  2. There's building rules in town?

    Also, you need to be on at the right time to get staff. There is only a small amount of them, and they actually have a life outside of EMC/MC.

    And to address the frontier, I have my own outpost there and so does Mrlegitislegit. If you want to join, just ask! :)
  3. i have several spots there too, i assure you that lots of people play, dont forget its 1 am central time, during the middle of the week too, weekends are pretty hoppin here
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  4. As to the frontier looking like a wasteland, make sure you wander out a little ways. Because of the massive amount of players to pass through EMC, even if they don't stay, the easy to get resources and buildings close to spawn are going to be mined, cut down, and griefed. A few hundred blocks from spawn though, and you'll find beautiful wilds again :)

    As far as staff goes, I know that R0bbieJo lives on smp4, and if there is ever a problem in town you can use the /report feature to get a staffs attention :)
  5. If you ever need a staff member, we're just a /report or site PM away. Just because you can't see us, doesn't mean we're not there. :)

    Also, in town, there's no real "building" rules. Well, except for don't grief and don't build inappropriate stuffs.

    Things in the Frontier being mined is because we didn't used to have the Wastelands, they're fairly new. :)
  6. Trust me, not all of the staff can be on at all times. I have seen plenty of staff online on smp4, so they are probably just in different time zones! Just know that smp4 is not abandoned. :) In fact, smp4 often has more players online than three or four other servers, and staff players do come on quite often.

    And, as it has been mentioned, certain mods (R0bbiejo and Chickeneer) do live on smp4, and other staff often make visits or checks.
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  7. Also if you are referring to the building between residences as breaking town rules, sr. Staff can build between them for 10k if you own both. Something to keep in mind if your looking to expand :)
  8. Sorry I haven't had an opportunity to meet you yet. I tend to spend most of my time on smp4, although I have been rather busy IRL this summer and haven't always been in-game. Last day at one of my jobs today though, so hopefully I will get more opportunities to play on smp4 in the coming weeks.
  9. ~Bouncing Up and Down~
    How can you NOT know that I am on Smp4... and the reports for it come straight to my phone! LOL
    Ask anyone who lives there... it takes no time at all for an Smp4 report to be made and Waalaaa.... R0bbie logs in...
    It just happened last night at like 11 pm est.... and I woke up and got out of bed to come see what was wrong... then grabbed me a Chicken so he could handle it...
    Smp4 is a mess in the wild because we are always out there getting materials.... LOL

  10. i thought that 1x1 super tall towers where not allowed :eek:
    at least i thought i read something about that on the tutorial haha
    and thanks for the support :)

    By the way i hope you guys are not feeling offended by this thread :S
    it was never my objective, in fact i think that the normal players are the ones that should be the ones trying hardest to keep SMP4 beautiful everywhere (exept for the wastelands).

    I really hope i can meet you all ingame
    i don't know, maybe we could think about protecting the main roads for example?
    i personally have "repaired" some roads and trees in the frontier and i think maybe more players could do that so the area close to spawn doesn't looks like that :S

    then again, sorry if i offended anyone :S!

    i wasn't referring to that apocryphan :p
    wow, i'm actually surprised...
    i didn't expected to get answers so soon :eek:

    i really appreciate your time for your replies :3

    and i'm really looking foward to meet you all in game
    i know i'm repeating this but i just want to make it clear that this thread wasn't made with a criticizing/destructive objective
    i mean, if i would not care about SMP4 i wouldn't be writing these replies ¿am i right? x)

    maybe we could organize a weekly/monthly "scenery repair team" or something like that?

    thanks again for all the replies!
  11. Just a tip. Don't make multiple posts after another. Try and put them all into one post. :)
  12. ;3 *like 1AM PST* I can't sleep... >.>
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  13. Sorry i was answering and quoting the replies one by one because i'm used to read All the replies i have because i think the time taken to write a reply is very valuable.
    But thanks to the tip anyway!
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  14. Nah, it's ok. We understand. And it is a legitimate concern. I like for every player to get the best experience available to them :)
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  15. A couple of answers to your concerns.

    It's summer in many parts of the world and people spend less time on their computers as a whole. It's harder to get a building or mining group together, but there is less lag and it's easy to log on. When there were only 4 servers, there were times I had to try for an hour to get a slot on any server. It has been a little thin since EMC has expanded to 10.

    As for the frontier. The wastelands is a very new feature of EMC. It has changed gameplay in major ways that you are seeing. Before the wastelands, the area around spawn was like ground zero of a nuclear blast. EMC was also having big problems with greifing in the wild. Any player who wanted to build something good in the wilderness knows that you have to go 1000s of blocks from spawn to find a reasonably safe place to build. So after many months of walking back and forth from town to the far reaches of the wilderness, the wastelands is born and offers a much better place to collect supplies.

    So once winter hits in the northern hemisphere and the 'new' wears off of the wastelands, people will go back to enjoying the frontier and it will be easier to find/make friends on all the servers.

    Also, I'm a resident on smp4 at 8703. Visit my store or say hello if I am on and we can go work on some roads and replant some trees.:D
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  16. I'm sorry, I haven't met you yet either. :( but I'm sure I will see you soon enough! 4 is my home as well, and we have some really great players there as well as the best staff! Robbie and chicken both live there. I hope to meet you soon in game!
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  17. Hello just_five_fun i'd really like to meet you ingame, and i like your ideas :)
    Thank you for the reply!


    Thank you for your reply tinkerbell28 and i hope to meet you too in the server :)!
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