SMP4 Vllage Protection

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Should we be allowed to have protected land in the wild?

yes 4 vote(s) 18.2%
no 12 vote(s) 54.5%
then people would claim everything 12 vote(s) 54.5%
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Nuff said there...thanks for clearing that up for us...
  2. I just wish there could be locked chests, but you would have to pay a good amount for them. I hate how I can never manage to hide my chests well enough in my wild bases. Somebody always finds them, and steals everything of value.
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  3. the secret is layered security. Don't just dig a hole and drop a box in it, think outside the box and find ways to hide them. I've seen people hide them behind paintings inside secret rooms (tho there was lava behind some instead of a nice box...they got a face full of lava. This was on another server FYI), I've seen people hide boxes inside obsidian blocks and then had those inside a hidden room and on top of having to find the room if they wanted to get in it, they'd better have a diamond pickaxe ready to go. One guy even hid it INSIDE a lava pool glassed out and used lava potions to get to it.

    Course the only sure fire way to do it...all valuables that you don't want to lose, take them out of the box and put them in your personal inventory and log way to get squat even if they do find your secret rooms...that's what I use. I build secret rooms just to make people THINK they found my stash, and then put a sign up that says "Way to go! You found my secret room!" and all the boxes are empty! Lol.
  4. gokou, just stop posting about us if you hate us

    go watch your little anime cartoons
  5. lol, i just saw one that was similiar to one i saw someone use. Funny as hell...

    What the guy did was he put a button on a far wall to an iron door blocking an obsidian room with goodies in it. The trick was you'd have to push the button and run to the door before it shut. The trick was that the door was always just out of reach to run to even if you sprinted with a swift potion. It would keep someone busy long enough and waste resources trying to get in and that if they spent too much time on it they'd have a higher chance to get caught and hopefully move on. The idea behind the concept is that this guy had friends with him all the time so it was easy to have his friend hit the button and then he'd walk thru the door and there's a lever inside to lock the door open until they're ready to leave.

    This one i just saw on you tube was similiar to it, only it had two buttons with a sign over it: "One of these opens the door"
    The sign next to it says "The other detonates the floor you're standing on"
    The final sign says "Do you feel lucky punk?"

    You could modify that to have 3 buttons, or even multiple rooms with 3 buttons...or 4....only 1 opens the door, and you're the only one that knows which. The more buttons, the less likely they'll get thru with random button pushing. Course an easy solution to that is a diamond pickaxe. As it sits these are the things that aren't allowed here, but it's good for other servers if you play elsewhere...
  6. Who said I hated you? I just think you guys are full of yourselves.

    <Goes back to watching anime>
  7. Sigh, no one should have any claim in the wilderness no matter the size or reason. Protecting a village is the exact same as protecting tunnels. The wild is the wild. If you don't want it griefed, don't do it there. Its meant to be dangerous. If it wasn't, minerals and such would be worthless because it would be easy to get them.

    Also on a side note, I don't know anything about the council, but any group on this servers purpose should be to raise up the community, not threaten others or act like thugs. I'm not saying I know if the allegations are true, but you should support people's ventures, not try to push them out for your own gain.
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  8. @GokouZWAR and tshack235, will you two fools please STOP FFS polluting the threads regarding security in the Wild with your useless and sterile debate on who owns what, how grievers are bad and shoud be shot, how one is arrogant and bla bla bla bla bla :mad: because nobody CARES.

    Might I remind you that even if there is "survival", Minecraft is first and foremost a GAME, and that the EMC's tenth commandment is to have FUN, or go away. Yes grievers are sad, but when you look at the dozens (hundreds ?) of players logging in each day, they remain marginal in occurence (hence meaning that most players are civil and that the staff is doing a great job).

    What you are showing here with your petty squabbling is that neither of you are ready to become moderators, in my humble opinion (but hey, who am I to judge :rolleyes:?) Also, if you really are 33 and 34 years old, you should be ashamed of behaving like children.

    Don't reply to me with a wall of text, as I see no explanation worthy of justifying your attitude. Enough said.


    I'll get back to the topic, it has been warped enough.

    The instauration of protections for NPC villages poses an ethical problem :

    (1)It would ruin the point of the Wild, which by definition is a place where one is free to do what he wants, as long as it doesn't threaten the integrity of others (For instance, although I keep ranting about the poor state of the "landscape" around central spawns, I do not criticize the right to dig chaotically, but rather the reckless disregard for the safety of other explorers that this practice causes).

    and (2), "security" is a treachorous concept at best. Implementing this private and partial security of villages is dangerous, because no matter how "good" (another treachorous term: Hell is paved with good intentions) the intentions of "village defenders" are, it is still an implementation of the exclusive state of private property in a purely public space (since the occupants are not from the staff) as well as making exceptions for a few players over 1500 based on very arbitrary and opaque criterias. This is a stepping stone towards more "privatization" features (which can also be used to grief, by making protected troll holes for instance).

    The troubles caused by a minority should not result in measures that would hurt the majority in the long run. My answer is thus NO :)
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  9. i know i am acting like a child, i just dont like fighting. i want to end this but someone keeps satring it back up. if gokou posts again, im not even going to reply
  10. tshack, you may think your taking the high ground by "ending" this argument. But not responding doesn't fix an issue. It just shows you are not mature enough to talk it through calmly. If you two cannot resolve your differences, just agree to disagree and be done with it.
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  11. I would like protected places in the wild. I hate it when I build a nice fort then leave for a day or two to come back to find it looking like a bunch of endermen came and decided to throw my fort around. Plus, someone came and started griefing before my eyes and I could do nothing to stop him. So yes, I would like protected areas.
  12. All you had to do was take a screenshot gwormn, and we could have done something about it. Everyone would like protected areas in the wild, but it just isnt feasible, and everyone knows the only safe place to build is your 60x60 lot in town.
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  13. This just sounds like your pouring your grief on our hard working admins.
  14. Your one to speak up since you grief at any chance you get Fluff. And I would have taken a picture if I had known at the time. My computers different from others so it took me a while.
  15. Sorry you didnt have this information previously, it might have saved you some grief. Minecraft has a built in scrrenshot capture by pressing f2. It saves the png file in a folder labelled 'screenshots' in your .minecraft folder.
    Hope this information helps for the future.
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  16. Best response ever
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