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Should we be allowed to have protected land in the wild?

yes 4 vote(s) 18.2%
no 12 vote(s) 54.5%
then people would claim everything 12 vote(s) 54.5%
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. i came across two npc villages, i build walls around them, lit them with torches, and connected them. i also have tons of tools there. i was wondering if i could have some protection around it so it cant be greifed, i love npc villages and i dont want them greifed. please respond.
  2. Although I understand (first hand) the frustrations of being griefed in the wild, allowing protections would destroy what the wild stands for - it is an open and dangerous place to spend time and effort... which is what makes it so fun and exciting. I have had projects destroyed that I have spent time and money on in the wild, and I knew I could only blame myself to having them there (and not having hidden them better)... but I enjoyed having them nonetheless. I suggest coming up with creative ways to defend your self from evil Empire citizens and protect your loot... even just signs describing what the place is and how much it means to you might help! If not, remember that Diamond supporters now have access to TnT! :rolleyes:
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  3. Ya, the point of the wild is to be a non-safe zone. If we allow protection it takes away risk of working there. Even if you only make it so that ppl cant destroy your stuff it still makes it to easy thus destroying the point of the wild
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  4. Everyone is provided with a safe place to build and store their valuables in town. As mugatu rightfully points out, the wild is meant to be a non-safe zone which provides the survival aspect of smp. If we were to create protected areas for individuals, everyone would want to get in on the action. That's is not only a huge drain on staffs time making protected areas for everyone, but also a major drain on the server, trying to keep track of 6000 potential protected areas in the wild.
    Although you may have spent a great amount of time renovating your villages, I'm sorry but they fall into the same category as any wilderness creation, which is you build at yor own peril.
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  5. i know, but i think everyone would like to see an npc village that is protected, and not at all

    :EDIT: can someome please protect it for me and the team who has worked so hard on it? if now, thats fine. but its kinda your fault for letting 2 perfectly good npc villages be greifed

    :EDIT AGAIN: just logged on, one village was burned down. other has water everywhere, thanks for helping us protect nature
  6. I logged on briefly this morning and visited the village that we ran by on our way to the End portal. I saw what was done, but there were creeper explosions everywhere and it looked like someone had carved a staircase into a giant block of birch wood, which was filled with water. I also saw oidking or oidgod's house (wasn't sure which), and it appeared like someone had cut holes in it. I logged out by this house (didn't have a choice) and I promise I didn't do the griefing. Don't report me when I log on, it wasn't me.
  7. well dont you think the npc villages should be protected like the spawn area?
  8. Another problem with protecting in the wild is the size of our community. You would end up with no land to build on anywhere as everyone would protect the closest to the spawn they could. Imagine we have 1,500 residences claimed on smp1. Now imagine 1,500 random protected areas all over the wilderness.
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  9. we should be able to claim npc villages like residences, not just parts in the wild.
  10. I like the NPC villages too, that's why one exists on my res on smp2. They are just another automatic minecraft creation like strongholds, end portals and nether fortresses, and I don't think they should belong to anyone either. As nice as it would be for everyone to have a little place in the wild to call their own, it simply just isn't feasible.
  11. ok, i just dont want them to go to ruin
  12. They will go to ruin eventually. Someone will bust into the wall and destroy the village. There are always griefers and they will always grief.
  13. thats why we should put something on the village so only people allowed can come in, like the residence plugin or worldgaurd
  14. Then one or two people control a ton of NPC villages and have tons of barely earned resources. It wouldn't work.
  15. I agree it would be nice but out of the all the players we have (thousands) what gives one or two players the right to claim a chunk of the wilderness?
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  16. Uh I said nearly the same thing yesterday and you guys bit my head yeah if he gets to "claim" land in the wild then how far is it for me to want to just protect an area in the wild from griefers....

    I think he's just trying to stir up stuff...thanks...not playin today...
  17. There's a difference between claiming one village and claiming a giant area for using to store chests.
  18. No actually there's not, the wild is the wild no matter how big the "claimed" area is. He wants to claim 2 villages I wanted to claim 6 one for each of my guys who's worked on the thing. They knew the risk in living in the wild and all i was asking for is a little player respect for the area. People with good intensions just let me know they were there so I'd know that it was them and the rest of the people who didn't I would know are probably up to no good an monitor them more closely. Never did I say "stay out" or "protect the area from everyone who wants to destroy my stuff".

    All I gotta say is you guys got some balls to be telling me not to do something one day and the very next day you do the exact same thing. Your council sounds more like the mofia to me every day...making people pay to find out where the end portal is, then out of the "goodness" of your heart tell everyone where it is as a Christmas if we are all too incompetent to find it without your help. Bully my guys into leaving by threatening them with you griefing their constructs since I want my guys to enjoy their gameplay outside the all are nothin but a bunch of thugs.
  19. We are thugs. But we want to protect the environment, not make tunnels everywhere like prairie dogs.
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  20. Or meercats.
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