SMP4 Shopping Centre! Floors And Rooms For Sale!

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  1. The 3 Consist Of:

    Iron Class,
    Gold Class And
    Diamond Class (Still Under Construction)

    The Res No Is 9140 And Is Open 24/7 With Many Shops And I Want More People To Join Easier Shopping! As Instead Of Going Shop To Shop Why Not Have It All In One Place! Also If You Think Of Any Jobs That Could Help With The Running Of The Centre Please Post Below! And The Floors Dont Have To Be Shops They Can Be Companys! Such As Building, Banking, Housing e.t.c.

    Thanks For Reading

    Any Questions Contact Nfell2009!
  2. Sounds cool :)
    ( can you style that without every word starting with a capital it makes it annoying to read! )
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Thread Status:
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