SMP4 Residence - What to do

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  1. So I've finally gotten around to cleaning up my SMP4 residence, and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for it before I got in to the major pre-production. Like with my SMP3 residence, I will be making it on Creative Single Player before making it on EMC.

    I don't know why, but I have to make everything even and symmetrical (though my current design isn't generic symmetry...) because I just roll like that.

    So if anyone has any neat-o ideas for me to use because I am self deprecating when it comes to creations. Or you can simply build it for me, jussayin'.
  2. A shrine to me.
  3. While that's an interesting idea, it has to actually be good.
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  4. Build a solvable rubiks cube :p
  6. Course it is XD height is 256 :p
  7. No, the cube is not tall enough.
  8. lol kk, back to Engineering Fluid Dynamics study :p
  9. An epic giant enderdragon egg XD
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  10. a big Sandstone dragon egg, like a Dragon egg, but in sandstone :D
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  11. How about made with endstone
    And another one with obsidian XD
    Black and white balanced the force XD
  12. I cannot afford such things. :(
  13. I have 10 stacks of end stone...... and I know where the end is
  14. Crazy can afford ANYTHING with his awesomeness! And coz he's crazy1080 he cannot show his face w/o something special! So why not make the Trifore, in 3D, like piramids in Triforce form with a HUGE obsidian dragon egg on it :D?
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  15. I don't have enough glowstone / gold blocks to make a triforce, sorry. :(
  16. Couldn't you just buy them?
  17. I'm too poor to afford things...


    I've been experimenting with other tower designs, how well is this one received?
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  18. Reminds me of Portal :D
  19. Building.png
    Unfortunately my paint skills are not good, and I spent about 2 minutes doing this :(

    However, this is a side view of how I imagined your building when I saw that picture, if that's what you're going for, I like it :)