SMP4 Paradise Project TNT Party At 8146

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  1. Come see us blow up a BUNCH of Dirt!

    The palace will set on 6 Reses.... They need ALL the dirt gone... So We are making it FUN!!!

    Come to 8146 on SMP4 NOW!!!

    Diamonds Needed.... Videos Needed... Pics Needed..... HELPPPPPP lol

    Two Reses Down.... FOUR to Go! ;)

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  2. This is fun :D
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  3. Boom 2013-06-25_16.56.03.png
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  4. Just Like That! Boom...... bommboomboom... Gone! :)

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  5. Thank You ALl.... I cant wait to see the pics and videos we got!
    Please get all the footage you have to JackBiggin.... He will make a MasterPiece for the Project!

    I love you guys.... and gals.... LOL
  6. Come on!!! i had to miss this!!! lol Dang it!
  7. Oh and I wana see these vids, were are they gona be?
  8. Ah the boom boom sticks went boom :p and fun was had by all
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  9. Video of 8146:

    Video of 8147 (better video):
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  10. That second video is awesome! What did you use to record it?
  11. Now THAT Is How You Clear The Way For The New

    Empiric Palace! The Grandest home in all of Minecraft! Where we as a community will HONOR Where we came from and where we are headed....
    SIX residences will be this place! Gardens will cover the rest of the 24.... Below deck will house all the community interests, memorials, shops, and apartments....
    You will spend DAYS walking through her... and you will see something new every time!

    Now... for moving the Donation Center! So we can blow that one up too!!! :)
  12. Duhhh Camera duck tapes to a bookshelf.

    no jk, I used Fraps although I accidently used Full-Size instead of Half-Size.
  13. I love it!!!
  14. Oh No!
    Ob1bob69 worked so hard on the amazing 8100 donation center and item eater.
    Can the relocation wait?
    I like the central donation center at 8100.
  15. Please don't mind the rick roll, it was intended for jackbiggin ;) 10 seconds and there's no more annoying music :p

  16. Just had 2 stacks of TNT donated by I_Clutch_Zombies for 8148 that we are digging out atm

    Tnx I_C_Z
  17. When you see the NEXT Big Phase and the awesomeness of what is replacing 8100.... it will be but a memory block on the way to The Empiric Palace.... 8100 is the right cornerstone of
    It Must Go! lol
  18. I am loving these videos... Make sure Jack gets them for the Website... I Bought
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