smp4 on fire

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  1. east of spawn is on fire, lava everywhere
  2. i sell buckets of water, maybe that will help :p
  3. Never miss an opportunity to make some profit, eh?
  4. lol
  5. Oh? That's unfortunate.
  6. i was just there and the nub taht did it put lava on massive pillars so it poured everywhere.
  7. Neat.
  8. quick! call the fire department!
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  9. Is it considered griefing to cover a couple dozen trees in the middle of jungle with lava?
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  10. No. We call it being a douche.
  11. A couple dozen!? I think i deserve a bit more credit then that.
  12. Yeah no kidding man, People these days are so inconsiderate.
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  13. Can i have op?
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  14. You're trolling the forum?! How rude!
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  15. See! Im putting out the fires with buckets !
  16. Why are you calling me names? It hurts my feelings.
  17. No, Still not banned.
  18. I don't no wat griefers get out from doing all their deeds
  19. I wonder if creepy griefers come here to be creeper greifers, or just get bored playing with their many many many cats. Go play with some real fire/TNT! I swear , it only hurts for a second :)
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