smp4 bridge construction project:

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  1. Those of you on server #4 won't have failed to notice the ongoing East road under construction; I have reached a large lake at 3000m, and wondered if brick would be a good material for a monster bridge? I will post pics later...

    edit: some pics so far. Been helped out by a Norwegian Dude trommis99, otherwise this thing would take days. In 2nd pic you can see foundation of centre support.

    2012-02-13_21.25.52.png 2012-02-13_21.28.52.png
  2. Brick would add an authentic look to it :) The contrast in colours between the water and brick will make it look aesthetically appealing :)
  3. Brick to me could be one of the worst materials to use, beacause brick is so rare and hard to make but besides that great work!:)
  4. I remember u. I saw u at ur wilderness home while I was at the wilderness with my bro. Ur wilderness projects are quite unique. I mean u built a long bridge that had such a awesome design. I would love to help u build the bridge
  5. where is this bridge?
  6. It's here! and now.

    also thanks for the praise so far. It's very easy to find, just travel East from spawn in smp4.

    New Bitmap Image.jpg
  7. when can i help you and where do i donate blocks???????
  8. I will get some bricks and help u build!!!!! Can't wait!
  9. Ta da! Here is the final bridge, took roughly 5 days in total. Had lots of help from trommis99, wigee, alexwolftear and flowerflow. I think the effort was worth it. Remarkably not as difficult as I first thought. I changed my video settings and could see the clay better under water, also diving at night is really better, the moonlight seems to show the clay up clearer.

    Look out for the next project... MEGA Tunnel!

    2012-02-18_22.03.44.jpg 2012-02-18_22.03.50.jpg 2012-02-18_22.04.52.jpg
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  10. Nice bridge! I think the snow makes it look even better, haha.
  11. Awesome bridge just hope they don't completely reset the wild because this amazingly beautiful bridge would be gone :(
  12. Now why would they go and do a thing like that for? :confused:
  13. There's been talk that the Administrators will reset the wild to add jungle biomes when the next update to minecraft comes out.
  14. That would be probably not hapen and that bridge is Gona get griefed
  15. It's still ok so far. It's quite far away for the lazy griefers to walk to luckily.
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  16. Yeah I went and visited it and man its huge!!!!
    the only thing that may have been griefed is your pigs, you say on the sign not to kill more then two pigs and there arn't any pigs in there :( sheep are still there though :D
  17. One errrrrr........... slight problem.................. Griefers...........There I said it! I didn't want to but I did! This community has a very very small percentage amount of griefers but as Ivonator123 said "Brick to me could be one of the worst materials to use, because brick is so rare and hard to make" That is an amazing chance for griefers to have a nice little pick at so I don't now how you are going to fix that but that is an amazing bridge and I wish you the best of luck and hope it works! :)
  18. This will make it soo much easier to cross the lake once this is finished! :) can't wait!