SMP4 9x Cavespider Spawner Base

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  1. Hi, I'm an oldie some of you might remember my original account /p spaskiba

    Few days after wilderness reset 4 years ago, I found 3 cave spider spawners near each other, after building a XP farm I realized there are 5 more around it, but unfortunately I was only able to connect 5 out of the 9.

    I recently came back to EMC obviously I went there for nostalgia and after almost two years surprisingly it was untouched, which is good considering it could have been griefed, but it is also kinda depressing to see this 4 year old place staying the same for most of it's existence, with most of the players who knew about this place inactive for over 100-300 days I decided I want new trusted people in, so more people could manage it and create more stuff in it.

    Here are the spawners and the base itself:

    It has a safe switch in case some blocks were broken:

    The entrance is relatively easy to find, I'm surprised no one did. It has a huge 4x4 tunnel from a wild outpost to the base, and to some unfinished projects like iron+gold farms, and some underwater city I wanted to make long time ago.

    This is how the tunnel itself looks, it was designed so you could ride with your horse

    And in case you did not bring a horse with you, you can run and jump on ice.

    There is also a very long wheat farm in case you're hungry, just please replant the seeds!

    Anyway if you're interested in having the location of that base, or maybe live there, build and expand it, leave your ingame name here and I will contact you, I need to see your stats before I can trust you enough to bring you there, most likely if you're active on the forum, have a good resident and pretty long on EMC then I will show you where it is, this base is important to me because it's been there for 4 years! :)

    Rules so we all could get along:
    -Don't destroy anything to build something else unless it is yours.
    Reason: Does this one really need explaining? have some morals!

    -Don't build so compact, if you see there's not much room around you build elsewhere :)
    Reason: Not to interfere with other builds

    Basically that's it, I hope I can trust the community not to grief this :)
  2. Very nice! I love how everything is so big, Smp4 needs more wilderness stuff. Hope this stays for a long time! Smp4 rules yo
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