SMP3- The Epic Shaft Gang Mystery

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by AlexHallon, Feb 11, 2012.

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  1. Hi Empire Minecrafters!!!
    Me and my friends started a "group" in Willderness.
    But February 10th, we got GRIEFED AND ROBBED!!! :mad:

    Things griefed: Enchantment Table-Melons-Pumpkins-All types of seeds-Sugar Canes-Cactuses-Boats-Gravel.

    Things stolen: Lots of gold-Lots of iron-Obsidian-Slimeball-Lapiz Lazuli-About 250 redstone :( and LOTS of other stuff! :(

    Now, we would really want help from mods.

    Members of THE EPIC SHAFT GANG:
    Djozane-Leader SoulPunisher-Co Leader AlexHallon-Co Leader Damo20-Member Gamerzilla2012-Member Deadscopez12-Member King_Sparkles-Member
    None of these above are suspected

    People we suspect:
    Makrom1 (I'm 99% sure that he's unguilty)
  2. Hmmmmm...

    PM a mod or admin to report this please
  3. wow, i wish greifers would stop
  4. Yea me to :(
  5. Ok, guys! I now KNOW who the griefer is!!!!
    It's the guy we suspected...... CRAFTWISE!!!!!

    After he griefed for the third time, on February 12th, he left some signs!!! lol, so stupid :p

    Here's the evidence/signs:
    GAH! Im mad!!! and also, I'm 99% sure that he WILL bother us again :mad:
    Please, Justin, or any other mod or admin, BAN this griefer and robber!!!
  6. Ok. I am afraid. D: I just started living in the wild and these griefers are popping up everywhere! I'm really starting to freak out knowing that I am also at risk :mad:
  7. Hey. Alex. He has griefed Djozane's old base. My old base. And our new one, about three times. I think we should move again. I will talk to Dj either when we get back to school or on skype (which he isn't on right now).
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  8. February 12th

    It happened again. We now plan on moving.
    A new grief, we once again suspect CraftWise.
    But this time he put LAVA in our whole base!!! :(
    We also saw Makrom1 at the place of this grief.
    He helped taking the lava away, but well, still, we cant be 100% sure about him. And also, he pushed SoulPunisher into lava :/ I think it was by accident, but still, we cant be 100% sure!!!

    *Adds Makrom1 to suspected list*
  9. soulpunisher all i did was follow you to ur base and you framed me by putting up fake signs i destroyed them because i want to protect my membership. i didnt grief you. i never did. you made an assumption too soon and i never did it so stop posting fake stuff
  10. and alexhallon i dont even know you so plz dont blame me i dont grief anyone
  11. hahaha soul punisher ur real funny kid i love how your so immature by framing me with fake signs. good way to live out ur life in minecraft
  12. I am sorta on your side
  13. Me too, its always a good idea to start an appeal BEFORE you get banned, especially with signs. People believe you more.
  14. Lol alex the epic shaft gang is now totally awesome.. Youir buds werent very nice to me however, and I left, they are total noobs and blamed me and took my stuff...Could you help me out, it seems like a cool group
  15. Nobody will get in trouble until you have a SCREENSHOT of them breaking a rule! Signs wont mean anything because why on earth would they make a sign saying they griefed this place that is completely dumb
  16. I really want you to be a member, and it's to bad they think it was you :(
    Anyway, I'm going to start a new group in SMP6 (more info will be put in another thread)

    I hope to see you joining it ;)
  17. I didn't put up fake signs, I seen your name tag in djozane's base, I told you to get out, you got out, and I went out a few minutes later and you were flooding the wilderness land. You threatened me a few times, and I logged off. Me & Djozane came back the next day and the base was griefed.

    So we started a new one, and that one has been griefed a few times. I'm sorry I blamed you, but I just made a quick assumption about you. Truth is we can put this behind us and when Dj gets back from london we can find out who framed you.
  18. You can come back. And I promise me and Dj will be nice to you again. It's just that the epic shaft gang have been wary of anybody who comes to the island and we make quick assumptions about people for some reason. Maybe because we live in liverpool and people I know are like that... But you can come back.

    Also we didn't take your stuff. The morning after the night you left somebody and pulled an overnight grief and stole ALOT of stuff out of mine, dj's, yours and alex's chest.
  19. listen guys, i know craftwise in real life and he would never grief anyone. i gave him access to my chests and he never stole a thing. u guys need to lighten up and go blame someone else
  20. Because they know without screenshots it can't be proven it was them and they could feel smug about it.
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