SMP3 Beach party!!!

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Should we do another one in the next week or so?

YES!!! That looks awesome! 17 vote(s) 94.4%
Naw, that looks lame 1 vote(s) 5.6%
  1. Me, and about 4 other people had this huge wild beach party. We had a mountain close to us and made a diving board to jump off of.

    We had a jukebox and music

    We had a barbecue with steaks
    We had watermelon.

    Diving board shenanigans:
    • We pushed a baby cow off of it multiple times
    • We pushed a villager off of it.
    • We jumped off of it
    • We spleefed each other off of it
    • We killed each other by misjudging where the spleen would land (It was funny)
    • We got a creeper to go on it then spleefed him off it.
    • We got ANOTHER creeper to go on it then spleefed him into the ground and killed him.
    We also had a roast pig.
    Top to bottom
    1. "Daisy" Falling off 100 block tall mountain diving board.
    2. Daisy halfway to her splash
    3. The creeper about to fall to its death
    We also did some more runs with Daisy. One time i didn't want to spend 100r to drop her again so i dropped her halfway out and killed her. The local chat was flooded by the party guests grieving.
  2. nice!
    next time invite me :D
  3. I wanan be in next one
  4. I will, ill make a thread for the next one.
  5. We need a new location tho. any1 recommend?
  6. smp8? its still really pristine as far as i have seen, so all we need to do is travel a few hundred blocks, set up a nice little beach place (IE wooden chairs, wool umbrellas, and of course a chest full of food and "alcohol (slowness potion)) but i could help find a place for it and help clear it out!
  7. Awesome idea! if it does happen tell me when!
  8. That would be great. I didn't really go into decoration, just had a few chests and a furnace, so you could help with that too. Im changing my skin, so I can't be the DJ anymore.
  9. i can make it easy! i got inspired and made one on my private server on the roof of my soon to be bukkit server! it looks fairly good i think! i can even make little floaty boats (IE 2 upside down half slabs and place a bed on it) and then an umbrella is just 3 fence posts and some wool, a bar is just 2 blocks with half slabs in a certain fashion (hard to explain) and a brewing stand, and a chair is just stairs with signs! make it a lounge chair by adding a half slab at the end!

    now who wants to make the "alcohol"? (potion of slowness)
    we would need a few glass bottles, some nether wart, some sugar, then some fermented spider eye! i could supply the spider eyes!
  10. Cool! You can handle all that, and I will do some landscaping on the soon-to-be beach.
  11. So Cool!!!:cool:
  12. Im gonna go establish a wild base of sorts n SMP8, to get ready for future parties. Anyone wanna come with?
  13. i can come!:rolleyes:
  14. wanna go today?
  15. I'll come, I need to cool down for a bit first, though. In a few hours?
  16. No, just to pick a spot. I'm done for today for big time events.
  17. I could supply slowness pots. Or, try more of.
  18. yeah i cant come today but i can tomorrow i think (aka Friday)