smp3 and 4

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by pokedude987, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. It seems as if smp3 and smp4 are never as full as smp1 and smp2. And, my lot is on smp2. Of course -.- I was thinking maybe you could increase the amount of players allowed on the first two servers?
  2. Increasing the amount of players allowed won't help at all. It will still always be full, but now there would be massive amounts of lag. The more people, the more lag. My lot is also on SMP2, but I am often on SMP3+4. I say, use the vault to your advantage and go mining on SMP3+4, but manage your lot on SMP2.
  3. Smp3 was constantly full until smp4 opened. For a few hours last night all the servers were full and I think utopia had 8 or 9 on there.
    These kind of threads pop up quite often and always get the same answer. There will be smp5, smp6...smp100 rather than increase the player cap.