smp2 whitelist

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  1. Just logged on to smp2. and was immediately kicked out as 'not whitelisted on this server'. I thought EmpireMinecraft wasn't using whitelists.
  2. This is just until we launch tonight at 7 Eastern. You can read about it on the other posts on the front page. :)
  3. Same here. What's wrong the page on the main servers says " whitelisting..."

  4. So what time is it eastern now? Cuz i'm in alaska.
  5. K its 3:41 eastern. I'll be watching!
  6. Just to help avoid future questions like this. Everyone PLEASE read the front page posts. We never keep you in the dark about anything, and by simply reading the posts we make and FEATURE, you can learn most of the questions you're wondering about and we don't need 1000 threads about the same thing. :)
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  7. I didn't see this on the front page?
  8. Me neither. Please post URL to that front page post.
  9. Yes please.
  10. Ok that last part I never saw before.
  11. Thanks. Guess I'm not good at reading long posts. Too old...
  12. LOL To young here. ;)
  13. i am sad at the events in this thread :(
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  14. Why? Thats good! A WHOLE NEW SERVER!
  15. :p I was lucky enough to join this server right when yall opened a new server :D
  16. LOL I and my friend joined about 2 days before the residences ran out. We got residences next to each other.

  17. you lucky son of a gun.
  18. I joined when there was like a ton left, and then they added more, and then they ran out again! This server is so popular, haha, i reset my old place on smp1 though to go get on smp2, i wanted a fresh start... and for my lot number to be 4444.