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Would you like to see something new at smp2's /town?

Yes 16 vote(s) 69.6%
No 7 vote(s) 30.4%
  1. ~:D~

    Lovelyllamaz and myself have come to realize that a few smps (smp1, 8, 9) have really customized /town's. As long term members of smp2, Lovely and I would like to ask other members of smp2 to share their ideas and suggestions for making our great community's /town awesome. Think of things that really define us and things that would make people from other smps want to come and see.

    If you don't have any suggestions, just simply commenting whether this sounds like a good idea to you or not would help this cause.

    -Signed: Lovelyllamaz and MegHouse
  2. What if we had a contest with prizes for players designing town spawns? So like whoever makes the best spawn that has like lots of easter eggs in it or maybe like an adventure map type of dealio all underground.
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  3. That's not the point of this thread. The OP is talking about additions to the town spawn for each server. Smp8 has marriage squids, smp1 has enderpearl parkour, etc
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  4. I'm confused. Are you referring to the center outpost or the spawn residences? I assume the center outpost, but I wouldn't really describe what some other SMP's have as "customized" to be honest. More like the end result of a bored and maybe a little pranking senior staff ;)

    I mean, I think it was SMP1 which has those vines around the middle. But other than that their center outpost is pretty much the same as that on the other SMPs.
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  5. Go to smp8 town spawn and look up :p
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  6. What is the special part of 9's spawn? Haven't seen it
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  7. I think SMP2 needs more love, so yeah I agree
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  8. they have a rail at /town
  9. Aaah, now I see. Yeah, good point but... a bad example because.. was smp8 ever normal? ;)

    Still: /v +up (smp8) shows a bit more (Thanks Duf!). I see what you mean, but I wouldn't merely call this "customization", there's a bit more to that story I think :)
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  10. yas
  11. I did understand it correctly, and I am going to stick by my previous suggestion. I think we could do it as a contest.
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  12. I get that but i didn't know what to call it. I just think smp2's unique and crazy enough for something at our /town
  13. it was a very good suggestion
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  14. As a 5 year member of SMP2 I agree bc why not ;)
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  15. Most of the things that happen at town spawns happened because some senior staff got a little bit crazy xD
    The rails at SMP9 is all Chicken's fault for goofing off xD
    If you really want one just find a senior staff that's in a good mood and not busy and lure em to town spawn with world edit sticks then lock em in there till they make stuff xD
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  16. Smp8 has the duck as well.
  17. I'm not a part of smp2, but I agree that other smps should have some customized spawns.
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  18. lol but its the community's /town too so why cant we have a say :D
  19. they really should because yolo
  20. duckkkkkkkkkkk