SMP2 Quartz Buy & Sell

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  1. Come to SMP2 /v +quartz to order your bulk quartz blocks for the cheapest prices on EMC!

    In ordering, you automatically agree to these terms:

    • Prices are subject to change at the discretion of fighter_Ethan. The buyer (hereby referred to as “The Client”) agrees with these changes in price by ordering. However, orders that are placed before a price change shall be subjected to the original price and not the new price. This applies for price rises and price drops.
    • Time of delivery is defined by the timing of placed orders. For example, a 20 DC order placed in Jan. 2022 is to be fulfilled sooner than a 10 DC order placed Feb. 2022.
    • The Client cannot withdraw an order once it has been placed. If the Client, for whatever reason, does not have enough rupees to pay at the time of delivery, they may choose to pay as soon as they are available to. Certain exceptions will be made at the discretion of fighter_Ethan. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO ORDERS PLACED ON OR BEFORE MARCH 3, 2022!
    • In the case that this service is to end, a written notice will be sent by fighter_Ethan explaining the reason on the forums via PMs. By ordering, you consent to this possibility.
    • These terms & conditions are subject to change at any time, with or without notice from fighter_Ethan.


    To Order:
    • Click the link here!
    • Go to the res ingame and order!
    Minimum Order Amount:
    • One DC (Double Chest) of Quartz Blocks
    Delivery Time:
    • No guaranteed delivery time period. Life is hectic.

    For 1-3 DCs: 20k per
    1 DC = 20k r
    2 DCs = 40k r
    3 DCs = 60k r

    For 4-6 DCs: 17k per
    4 DCs = 68k r
    5 DCs = 85k r
    6 DCs = 102k r

    For 7-9 DCs: 16k per
    7 DCs = 82k r
    8 DCs = 93k r
    9 DCs = 104k r

    For 10+ DCs: 15k per

    Last Updated 22 March 2022
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  2. NOTICE: I am going to set up a sell area where you can go to... well, sell DCs of Quartz Blocks to me! Quick and easy way to earn 8k a DC!
  3. Bought 20DC's and got 20DCs of Ethan's prime.

    Will definitely order more soon as I need more than I initially calculated... #Classic

    Great service :D
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  4. Note: I'd prefer people to DM me on the forums with orders, but I'll also accept the ingame books.
  5. I've added a google form for people to fill out to make orders easier!
  6. Terms & Conditions Updated.
  7. Prices will be rising by 5k next week! Place your order before then to keep the old price!
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