Smp2 nature walk

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  1. Last night, due to server problems, the smp3 weekly nature walk didn't happen. I'm kind of ticked about that, and so are the other contestants. So today i've just decided to hold a nature walk on smp2.
    I have room for 6 people.

    You will be given 1 wooden sword each, and 32 pieces of rotten flesh. I have twisted the aim of the game a little bit. You are allowed to craft armor, tools, and only one weapon: A bow.

    You have to survive for as long as you can, and the prizes are 64 cocoa beans, an iron sword, and a ton of rose red. You also get to keep the items you get during the nature walk. Tell me you've died by /tell SoulPunisher I died.

    I'll get the message.
    Event starts in 10 minutes.
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  2. Alright, you get to go in 15 minutes instead. Is nobody interested?
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  3. What's the price?
  4. It's 1 rupee. Just for the materials I provide.
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  5. Ill come! When is it?
  6. I want to attend, just for the challenge
  7. Spaskiba and Tomvan are in :D 4 spaces left.
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  8. Am i aswell i think you should run at the weekend
  9. When it's going to happen?
  10. Accepted. 3 spaces left.
    No, because i'm using this one as a replacement for last night's nature walk that was cancelled due to SMP3 crashing too much.
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  11. Tomorrow. Or when I get enough spaces. It's 9PM for me.
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  12. Same id be really happy if we could postpone until saterday as i have a german exchange to look after :(
  13. Why don't you just wait for the weekly nature walk which is on sunday?...
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  14. Also guys, it's one time only.
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