[SMP2 Hide & Seek] find where i am & win a prize!

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  1. if u can tell me what res im on then u win a prize: unused pot of gold.
    if u can also tell me above and where i am on res (like coords or y stuff) then u also win 2500r.
    if u can also tell me stuff above and how i got here u win another 2500r.


    at least 6 ppl (mostly clones? ^.^) helped with this res. soz: but ur excluded from event b/c it wouldnt be fair then. this is also a little hint ^.^

    if ppl dont guess then imma post hints. if i post a hint pic then the rupee prize gets reduced :p but i wont post more than 1 hint every 24hrs (prob. a bit longer in between 4 some bumps).


    where am i?!
  2. Im kinda far away from a computer so with a quick search with the ipad smp2 live map and my best guest would be 3392, dont really know =/
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  3. You are in.. Singleplayer! *gasp* :p I am too lazy to check right now.
  4. just to be more clear: ppl now ask me in game where i am. well, was on shelly's res ^.^ but thats not the answer, lol!

    u need to find out where i am in the picture, not where im hiding in-game ^.^

    right now no1 got it right :p
  5. all dat sand be fallin
    u in an empty hole
    i will find empty hole
  6. Is it res 3106? Looks like it to me.
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  7. Is it... dammit you ninja
  8. poof got the res. right, so wins pot of gold. but theres 2 more prizes!

    can u guess where i am, and how i got here? imma post a hint in a few hours ^.^
  9. 1st tip which means 1k prize reduction :eek: so u can now win 2k for either question (4k total):

    Where am i: seems i'm lower than low here ^.^
    How did i got here: maybe the picture got me red handed? :D

    ff no ppl try then next tip will prob. come later this evening.
  10. another hint, soz but 2k reduction b/c first question is becoming 2 easy: i'm all the way at the bottom at residence bedrock layer. so y1 or bedrock would have been good answer.

    residence is 3106, but how did i got 2 bedrock? u can still win 2k. this is pic when i was below water:

  11. small bump. 2morrow imma reveal all & send out prizes
  12. So your forum / game events are a bit too hard (so it seems) and mine are a bit too easy (last I did one someone got it within 30min) :p Maybe we can work with that in preparation for the upcoming treasure hunt (some parts will be difficult :D).

    Anyway, short on time here so: the clue is the Chorus fruit which Aya has in her hand. Notice how the amounts change?

    What she basically did, after seeing that there was an inside area in 3601, was to eat a chorus fruit to see what would happen. Next thing I know she's gone but also still on the res. So when I followed up she tried it again and that landed her on the very bottom of the residence (bedrock floor).

    It's actually hollow :)

    So now that I won (booh, cheater! :p) the remaining prize money will be added to the prize pool of the treasure hunt which we're setting up :D

    Prizes of this contest will be send out later today.