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  1. Hello EMC'ers! Nobody (I don't think) has made a directory guide for SMP2. So, I have taken it upon myself to create one! This guide will help you if...: You need to find a good shop in town, restaurants, places you can visit, and friendly members to help you! If there was something on here we did not mention, say so in the comments! We will help you find the place you are looking for.

    Shops on EMC SMP2:
    A lot of you like to go shopping! In-fact, I have my own shop which I will mention! Here are some fabulous shops:
    • /v +poof (Includes Promos, Building Blocks, Wool, Weapons, ETC.)
    • /v ShelLuser (Includes Potions, Spawners, ETC.)
    • /v LadyJaye (Includes Horses, Gems, Potions, Building Blocks, ETC.)
    • /v SkeleTin007 (Includes Banners, Weapons, Mob Drops, ETC.)
    • /v nicolakrantz (Includes Redstone, Wool, ETC.)
    • Last but not least, my shop! /v +ro (Includes Weapons, Food, Gems, ETC.)
    Well, I do not think there are many restaurants.. but I know of one! Even though there is no hunger in town, spend time with your friends and have fun! /v +hkr on SMP2 has great food! Stop by anytime on the weekends!

    Places to Visit:
    EMC is a very fun server! There are tones of sights to see while on the server! Check out these amazing places:
    • /v 4302 (Underwater park by kevdudeman)
    • /v Krysyy 2 and /v Krysyy 5 (Admin of server, 2nd Res = Amazing Pixel Art, 5th Res = Tower)
    • /v Aikar (Admin of server, Big snowy tree.)
    • /v 4161 /v 4160 (Amazing pixel art by kevdudeman)
    • /park (Amazing smp2 park!)
    • /v xXBuffa1oXx (Amazing SMP2 sight with trees, water, ETC.)
    • /v Ascher_Malachi (Amazing home, great area)
    • /v ShelLuser (Amazing home, great residence)
    • /v Shiyvah (Amazing home, great residence)
    People to visit:
    There are some amazing people on this server! These are the people you should visit:
    • ShelLuser
    • Krysyy
    • Aikar
    • Poofasuras
    • kevdudeman
    • xXBuffa1oXx
    • DrMadFate
    • LadyJaye
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