SMP2 Delta Team colony application

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  1. so, we are now 6 in the colony ( i am leader) only and we want to expand some lot so if you want to apply just pm the applicant form and i will send you the coords if you are accepted:

    Special Skill (what are you good at):
    Home Server:
    Why should i pick you:
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  2. anyone?
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  3. He is the Colony leader because he took the initiative to organize and lead. You don't have to join but no need to insult anyone just on their age. I'm 54..too old for a game you think??? BULL!
  4. What nmanley said. You know who appears immature in this thread? Hint: It's not pgoubert.
  5. I find it funny how a 14 year old spelt better then a 27 year old.

    MinecraftName: Mrlegitislegit. (OR IS IT.....)
    Special Skill (what are you good at): Mining
    Home Server: SMP3 (I also run a DT wild camp on it to.)
    Why should i pick you: I'm good at mining, gathering and KILLING! :) Also, like I said, I run one of the SMP3 wild camps.
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  6. I'm bumping this because i didn't even see it.
    The SMP2 Colony is the best so far, worth joining guys.
  7. MinecraftName: yankees518
    Special Skill (what are you good at): I mine.
    Home Server: smp2
    Why should i pick you: I love to mine, and find supplies in the wild. Especially now that I can help people there.
  8. Hey yankee, nice application!
    I will not accept you now because pgoubert is the leader of SMP2, you will have to wait for him to check this out ;)
  9. you are accepted
  10. ill send you coords and if you need ill guide you there
  11. Well, I'm rather bored with SMP5's Town, so I think I'll try something a bit new ^_^
    IGN: 72Volt
    Special Skill: I know a lot about the physics of different blocks, I'm a good builder when it comes to settlement utilities such as infinite water pools, fishing ponds, on-site farms, basic crafting, lava disposal and storage, and I am also have a very high degree of virtual financial proficiency with the Rupee system and have ported real-world financial models such as the UK Premium Bonds into EMC.
    Home Server: SMP5.
    Why You Should Pick Me: See Special Skill