smp2 - 4191 - Could you win a diamond pickaxe?

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  1. Just 10 r and the Diamond Pickaxe could be yours!I have a lucky draw in my house.Here are the details

    Notice:Everyone can play only 3 times a day(No matter how rich you are),to make sure everyone have a chance to win.

    Where ?:SMP2 , 4191

    Cost?:5 r

    What you could win?
    1x Diamond Pickaxe! - Winner - xemhil23
    1x Stone Shovel - Winner - ?
    1x Stone pickaxe - Winner - Kakashi2910
    2x Wooden Shovels - Winner Kakashi2910 , angussimmonsnm2
    And lots a small prices....
    Small prices:
    Stone = 2x Coal
    Cobble = 2x Wheat
    Wood = 5 Sticks
    Dirt = Another try


    2012-01-07_15.42.05.png I think everyone should try it!
  2. Price lowered to 5 r!And most items has been given away!