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  1. Hi everyone!

    All goods can be found SMP 2 @ 3440

    I sell the following:
    - Obsidian: 8 rupees for 1
    - Lava Buckets: 20 rupees for 1
    - Cobblestone: 2 rupees for 32

    Potions & Poisons:
    - All LvL I potions are 30 rupees & all Lvl II potions are 60 rupees
    (You can request special potions, send me a message on the website or on the server when I'm online!)

    - Special service: I have a common enchanting table to use for free and a table for advanced enchanting at a small prize depending on the level.
    (Send me a message on the website or on the server when I'm online if you want to enchant something)

    edit: thx Justin for the title change, I forgot that part :eek:
  2. Small enchanting is now free of charge when you let me know + potion/poison now a bit cheaper and you can order potions now!
  3. How for silk touch pickaxe? :) I would gladly pay for one ( diamond pickaxe )
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  4. When I have one I'll notify you ^^ Untill then, hang tight!! :)
  5. Ok thanks! I will be happy to buy a silk touch for a good price :)