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  1. Hey EMC,
    I was wondering to myself about will there ever be a Smp10?
  2. I think smp9 is technically smp10 and utopia was like smp3 or smp6 but feel free to correct me on that one :p I think there is going to be another 2 servers, one with pvp and another which instead of doubling stuff like utopia has halved instead, but again correct me if I am wrong ~FDNY21
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  3. Yeah let's start SMP10 if the other smp's are getting like 20 players a day... SMP10 will probably be released if the others are FULL
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  4. From what I've heard, the staff are trying to get the derelict policy well balanced enough so that an smp10 won't be necessary. A PvP match server will be coming in the next 150,000 years. It costs a fair bit of money to get a server, and with the servers as high spec as EMC's it would cost more than your average server host.
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  5. Yeah well I think we will get 20 a day for on Smp9 when I was on yesterday there was like 16 people in 4 hours. :)
  6. Well in 150,000 years I will be dead. :p
  7. Exactly
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    You SHAL die...
  9. Yeah an 'SMP 10' is really not needed, let's get our current servers full first, then you can think about an SMP 10 ;)
  10. That's four people an hour.
    Servers hold 60.
    In The Empire's golden age, SMP1- SMP9 were completely full.
    People had to buy supporter to get on the servers.
  11. Well... uh...
    I have this idea to get more people on the servers.
    A new 'promo' video but a minecraft parody. :p
    It could be any song really, but I think Imagine Dragons 'Demon' would be good.
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  12. I know this isn't demon but... ♪i'm playin' on Empire Minecraft, Empire Minecraft, Whoa-owaohoh, whoaohohohoh, Empire Minecraft, Empire Minecraft.♪
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  13. Much as I like that song, I'm unsure how to make it minecrafty.
    "When you're in the wild,
    Don't run through those vines!
    It's where my spawners hide,
    It's where my spawners hide!"
    That's the best I can come up with.
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  14. Utopia is technically smp10.
  15. If anything were to be considered smp10, it would be Stage. Utopia is not smp10, and never has been.
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  16. i like the idea of smp10: the pvp server idea
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  17. That's actually dystopia, a planned server in the distant future.
    Very distant.
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  19. There should be a smp10, for enraged mini boss and boss mobs only!

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  20. Why didn't I guess you would say that? Great idea too.
    perhaps the town will allow mobs to spawn including enraged and mini bosses.