Smp1 Theme park!

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  1. At 2531 on smp1 there are multiple roller coasters and pixel arts. Also you can buy from other players buy visiting there booths at 2531! There is a coaster that is in progress right now... called the Ride Through the Nether. Help me and kcglenn build this costly roller coaster by donating rupees and rails at 2531. Also donate for more pixel art. Thank you. My user name is 0rock0 so look for me on all smp servers and utopia!
  2. I approve. I like the coasters alot.
  3. Here is the first video :)!

  4. It would look better if you use a recording program
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  5. ORLY?
  6. ???
  7. ORLY - Oh really? - Being sarcastic :)
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  8. I know, but then my minecraft lag as hell.