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  1. Hello Peeps,

    As we all know the new building heights are epicness, and i've decided to upgrade my res (again) to build what i've always wanted to build: The Fortress of Eden.

    The main plan is:

    A big tower with above that a flying ball. From that ball there will be 4 pathways leading to the 4 main guard towers. The 4 guard towers are 10high. The 4 towers will have a staircase that will lead up to the main flying part of the Fortress. The flying part will be like a donut of some sorts. There will be another 4 smaller towers attached to the donut by 4 small staircases.

    (If this isn't understandable, go look for yourself, type /v 945 (SMP1) and look up!)

    My res is 841 but 945 is right next to me =p

    Here comes my request.

    Im in need of A LOT of resources to build this huge project. the list is below:

    - cobblestone
    - stone
    - glowstone
    - wood
    - birch LOGS
    - grey wool
    - black wool
    - white wool
    - red wool
    - glass BLOCKS
    - glass PANES
    - stone slabs
    - red roses
    - yellow dandelions

    Rupee donations are also more then welcome :D



    Every person that donates will get a gift once the project is done :D
  2. Meeeee. DONATE!! :D
    Be right there!
  3. I think maybe some hour later :/
    "Unexpected end of file from server"
    Also non EMC seem to have this.
    After I finish download update for my iPhone I'll try again :)
  4. Im still at college. I'll be at home in another four and a half hours. :D And thx
  5. I've got a TON of birch logs (potentially a double chest full), as it is my main source of wood. I also can help acquire more if need be. Just let me know how much, and when good sir.
    EDIT: sorry about the random quote, that was accidental :p
  6. A wild quote appears! Yukon1200 uses ''Donate'' Its ZUPPAH EFFECTIVE XD

    Np =p, and about how much i need? Well im gonna need the birch for the inner tower designs and the roofs of my 4 towers. i think 1small chest or even 1 big chest (if you're willing to donate all that)

    Thx :D

  7. BAHAHAHA. that was awesome. And ok, I have a single chest right now easy, so how about you set up an access chest for me on your lot your building this on, and next time I'm on, I will stop by and fill 'er up :)

    And don't feel shy in asking for more later, just let me know and I'll have it within the day usually.

    EDIT: essentially I can be your wood source
  8. Yukon, you the man :D

    I'll put that chest up once I'm at home, im at college now, and the teacher is watching like a bloodhound XD

    I'll be at home at around 18:00 (17:00GMT) or easily said in another 3 and a half hrs =p
  9. Wow I saw the tower and I might donate rupees, stone slabs, cobblestone, red roses, dandelion yellow, and stone :)
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  10. Alright, well as it goes, I happen to be STARTING classes right about then so I won't be on until after 2 pm for me, so in about 5 1/2 - 6 hours.
  11. Im gonna try to be the first at 256 with an actual Building not a Dirt pillar :D And thx Curtis
  12. Ill hop in and out real quick, its SMP1 841


    The chest has been set up, if you come to /v 841 the chest is one your right. Can't miss :D Have a look around my res. You can jump down and enter the dome trough a hole in the wall

  13. Your going to have to race my little bro ENWehr on SPM3 haha hes building the floating city of Sanctaprax from the Edge Chronicles :D its also spanning the gap between our lots. stop by if you'd like :p I built Mordor.
  14. Ill adjust my goal to SMP1 only then :D

    The chest is live btw =p its on your right when you spawn in my res
  15. I'll take a look around after classes today. As for the chest, it is now half full of birch logs :p
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  16. Okz :D
  17. - birch LOGS
    - red roses
    - yellow dandelions

    I'll cover thoose 3 for you.

    If you get on SMP1 i'm there now.
  18. Three generous people are already donating :D This project might even grow a little :D
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  19. I can cover wood, cobblestone, stone, and glass panes, I also have some stone slabs, not sure exactly how many though. How much glowstone are you going to need, I might be able to cover that too.