[SMP1 - Stream Base] Help me Clear Out a Roofed Forest!

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  1. Hi, players.

    I am looking for people to help me chop through a roofed forest for a big project on SMP1. Diamond axes are provided at the build site, but you cannot keep them. The area to clear is at most a 200*200, limited to the range of the beacons'.

    Directions -- How to get to the Buildsite:

    1) On SMP1, at Town spawn, use the teleporter for Stream Base in the Frontier.


    2) Ride a minecart on the White Line and stay on the rail line to Central Plaza.
    • Alternatively, you can fly west to Central Plaza with elytra and firework rockets. ~XZ-Coordinates are: (998600, -1000200).

    3) Go through the Nether Portal to the Southwest.

    4) Now in the Nether, go north outside and turn left, passing an igloo. You should then find an ice boat ride.

    5) Take a boat to travel down the ice road, or fly down with your elytra. Collect your boat and enter the portal at the road's end.


    6) Climb up the stairs in front of you, then turn 180° after you surface. The build site is now in front of you!

  2. you gonna pay?
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  3. ill lend a hand if i can take it back with money in it :p
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  4. Do I get to keep the wood?
  5. Not all of it. We will likely be using a LOT of wood for what I want to build.
  6. Bump & Update:

    I have brought over 18 shovels, 9 pickaxes, and an instruction book to the build site. The pickaxes and shovels are for people to start flattening down the surrounding terrain over there.
  7. The full clearance has been completed!! Thank you to everyone who volunteered to dig and chop for this project.