[SMP1 Nether Event] Bit full.

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  1. Just a bit. :p

    Feel free to discuss the event here.



    81 players online;

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  2. When did this magic happen
  3. One day, we will hit that 100 player limit... one day...
  4. D: I didn't hear about this.
  5. What's going on?:confused:
  6. " Grabs Sword"
    Sweet a wither killing event.
    Looks at the server 77/60
    " Puts Sword back up"
    I guess next time it is. :(
  7. What's the Nether Event?
  8. 2013-01-20_15.33.40.png 2013-01-20_15.36.53.png
    Mean while on SMP 1 we are playing follow the leader with ICC and then The Withers attack!
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  9. what is this event for?
  10. [Reserved for Footage from the Event :)]
    Will upload tomorrow, Cant seem to connect to Youtube anymore :(
  11. 2013-01-20_15.32.06.png

    Reporting ICC for flying (Banned for doing that.... Gosh I am stupid):
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  12. So, like normal, a load of people decided to report ICC for flying - which made chat be decorated with 2 day bans from Mrs "I love kicking ICC".

    2013-01-20_21.13.56.png 2013-01-20_21.14.13.png 2013-01-20_21.14.23.png 2013-01-20_21.15.00.png 2013-01-20_21.15.39.png 2013-01-20_21.15.49.png 2013-01-20_21.16.07.png 2013-01-20_21.16.26.png 2013-01-20_21.16.27.png 2013-01-20_21.17.08.png
  13. How did I miss this? >:U
  14. Still happening. ;)
  15. Nether event...
  16. I'm yelling NO because I lost an EMC Firework.