SMP1 Mini Shop: SkyMart at 930!

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  1. 930~SkyMart~930

    Sick mini shop at /v 930 ! Quickly find stuff; Fast shop; Lots of Donaters; 24/7 Service; Trash Can; Donations; and nice and helpful employees at your service![/COLOR]

    (And don't forget to see SkyMall at 969!)
    Remember, Res Number is 930! --------------- Everyone! Make Sure you make it to the 2 Events 1 Day event! Its this saturday night! Please be there and say if you want to be a judge and donate!
  2. Sale of the Week is Iron Ingot for 2 Rupees! Get it before its gone!!!!
  3. Selling CHEAP xp bottles ( 18.5 R a bottle ) in Red Section @ 930!
  4. ur stores nice
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  5. Thank you awesome mega maller! I like your shop as well! Now THAT is going on my sig :D