SMP1 Mega Mall 2000

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2000 Or 413 Better?

413 2 vote(s) 11.1%
2000 16 vote(s) 88.9%
  1. Hello everyone, I generally am not on the forums often, but I would like to introduce the grand opening of my new Mega Mall 2000 On SMP1. As many may already know I own Mega Mall 413, and that 413 has been closed for about a week now. I was busy moving stock from one place to the other, also removing the shop chest and signs from the old mall as it will eventually no longer be in use at this time.
    Feel free to buy or sell items at my store to your heart's content. I promised I would open 2k today although it is still not 100% done[CLOSE] . I'll let my creation do the rest of the talking.
  2. Another Mega Mall :eek:
    (I know your tearing down the old one...)
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  3. I have to say the building looks awesome <3
    [ EDIT ] and the tp back to 2000 when you visit 413 is a very good idea :)
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  4. Looks abseloutly amazing Todd!
    Right now i'm not in the place to assist you with the mall, as i'm struggling to manage my own.
    Good luck on this :-D!
  5. I love it! Not like I havent seen it before... When is 2000's ETA? :)
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  6. Well it's simple amazing! The architecture in that building is superb! Great job Todd and hope this mall is a success! :)
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  7. *notices its already open* Ohhhhh...
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  8. I really like it! Its great!
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  9. Looks great Todd. Never fail to impress!
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  10. very nice :O thats all I can say
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  11. Thx Todd for letting me stock a floor!!!
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  12. Thank you my friends for your support. Continue >>>
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  13. Ooo looks great!
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  14. This is one of the best buildings across Empire. The mall's interior and exterior look amazing, and the prices are great and in stock. Thank you Todd for the great mall!
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  15. Awesome, and for the record I was the first customer :3 (slimeball, I would have got something cooler but eh it was the nearest thing to me :p)
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