Smp1 is down 10/9/12 [Back Online Now]

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by iamfuturetrunks, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. Hey just fyi I think smp1 is down for the count. I can't get on it and it shows im still on it. Can't even log into other servers cause I keep getting that message "you can only be logged into one server at a time" to which my response is "but I like being in two places at once!"

    So can we get a bit of help here?
  2. its happening with me too
  3. hmm wonder was going on I tried to connect to smp1 but no connection showed up
  4. smp1 is experiencing some issues. I kicked you off of smp1 till we get it rebooted :)

    Edit: BigDavie took care of the Rest
  5. hmm that's not good. I wonder why?
  6. Getting the same thing... :/
  7. go to task manager and end java process then go back into minecraft to log onto other servers if it says you are still logged on
  8. Unfortunately smp1 is down until we can get it rebooted. We kicked all of the players off that were on at the time. So you can log into other servers at this time. just not smp1
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  9. All my stuff is on smp1... >_>
  10. What's taking so long?
  11. Its up now.
  12. lol, that it is.
  13. You should change the title. :D
  14. I could just Close it... *I will do something with it*
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