SMP1 For The Win!

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  1. My plan for next month is to buy as much Emeralds, Gold, Iron, Diamonds, Lapiz, and other valuable stuffs and sell them to players on different servers. This will help SMP1 because the players selling their gems to me will get rupees which they will use to buy stuff at mega malls (Todd_Vinton and xHaro_Der's mall at 2000) which in turn other people will sell stuff they get from mining in the /wastes to which will get them rupees and so forth. I will be making rupees because I'll be selling the gems and other blocks to players that usually stay in a different SMP. If everyone on SMP1 does their patriotic duty, SMP1 will have more rupees in circulation than Utopia and SMP5! Sell your Emeralds, Gold, Iron, Diamonds, Lapiz, and other valuable stuffs at 2026 on SMP1 now! :D
  2. Well, I have a SC of gold if your willing to buy.
  3. I am haha
  4. im pretty sure smp1 and 9 dont need any help pumping their economy, in fact what i think you are doing is only going to devalue the cost of goods there
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  5. Yep pretty much. SMP1 is already prosperous
  6. One can never be too prosperous.
  7. inflation and prosperity are not the same thing
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  8. SMP1 is a server that is heavily populated with Megamalls and rich people.

    I suggest you help out 2,3,4,5,6,7,8.
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