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  1. Need some simple towers or other constructs but don't have the time or resources?
    Then hire Fluff Co.! We (I mean me (for now...)) will do it for you. And the best part about it is...
    If you wish to see a quick sample go to res 921 and check out ...
    This is
    The Tower of Uhhh... Cobble?
    However we do other things-

    Simple Cobble Tower (See picture):
    -100r if materials are provided
    -250r if I provide materials

    Simple Farm (See Above Picture corner):
    -150r if materials are provided
    -350r if I provide materials

    Personal House:
    -300r if materials are provided
    -600r if I provide the materials

    New Two floor Personal House!
    Special Offer for limited time!!!!
    450r NO only 300r if you provide the materials.
    650r NO only 450r if I provide the materials.

    Other Constructions will be added later.
    Ask for unlisted items for a custom quote.
  2. Sorry, I'm just saying that people wouldn't be willing to pay for those kind of builds. Might I suggest you build something with pizzazz and then say you could build stuff like that.
  3. What about building a NPC village?
  4. I mean just in general, let people construct NPC villages with the type of buildings they want in it. Just a cool way of doing things since 1.3 is coming out and people will want a nice place to trade.
  5. Well if you want people to build one let them do it but if you want me to build you one then just let me know.
  6. Hello I would like you to build me a casino.
  7. Including what? I need a little bit more information. Oh and I'm not that good with redstone so...
  8. Stone Bricks. Come to Smp1 and I can show you how it will be designed.
  9. I need a res#. Also who will be providing the materials, also this will NOT be cheap.
  10. Well sorry fluffinator but I won't be needing you to build it. I was going to be extremely busy and unable to to build it myself. However I was able to get a lot of things done and my schedule is clear. However I would like you to make a tower out of wood. Res# 2427 smp1
  11. OK who provides the materials and what type of wood?
  12. I will and it will be a combo of several types of woods.
  13. Ok when do you want me to come?
    And I need dimensions, if you dont know what I mean check out my res and look at my tower.
  14. I appriciate the advice and am working on that.
  15. Do you have a time Matjam?
  16. Maybe sometime tommorow or later today. I have to handle something important
  17. Got it jus give me a yell when.
  18. finally, sum1 who's been played emc longer than I have. Still not a hundred days more, but that's impossible.:p