{SMP1} Final Wind Outpost

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  1. I love the Wild, however due to my schedule and Vault 101
    project I am unable to travel out there very much.
    So I've decided to create an Outpost in the Wild.
    Yes I am asking you to forsake your protected residence
    and join me in the Wild.
    But that's what the point is!
    Establising a community in a hostile place to survive and more importantly
    So my point is:
    Join us today by filling this out: FORM THING CLICK HERE

    1) No Griefing
    2) We Share Everything
    3) You May NOT Hog The Grinder (When We Find One)
    4) To Show You Read The Rules Answer No On The App Where It Says Did You Read The Rules
    5) Respect All Our Members
    6) Follow The Council's Instuctions

    The Council
    (The Council will be the governing body of the Outpost,
    they will vote on what to do and make suggestion's on how
    to proceed in certain situations.)

    (More will be added as needed)

    We need Explorers desperatly!!
    (This will help us locate an area for the outpost)
  2. Ive applied, i hope i can help
  3. Check your inbox.
  4. Bucky291 is now one of our designers!!
  5. I'm only joining if you have a nether route up and protected.
  6. We will at some time, right now this is the recruitment progress BEFORE we head out.
  7. Yes I know. Contact me when you have established a route there. Unless you need explorers. I will be willing to set out with you guys. I just don't want to walk back and forth to town on the overworld.
  8. Explorers right now ARE our most needed role, so if you want to submit now go ahead. Once our outpost has a foothold then we build a portal first thing.
  9. What the hey, I'm in.
  10. I may have a nice area were I go to mine,it's in a jungle.
  11. I applied and filled out your survey thing.
  12. I applied to get in. I hope I do!:D
  13. Are you allowed to try to get more than one occupation when signing applying?
  14. A government? Wow . . . Nobody's the king of the wild you know!
  15. It's for the outpost not the entire wild :cool:
  16. Yes
    WOW when I came back!! SO MAY REPLIES!
  17. Please reread the rules.
    Accepted When we're ready I'll PM everyone.
    Then submit an Application for Explorer or Whatever you want!
  18. Alrighty then I applied and I hope I get accepted :)
  19. Ok then Welcome as before I'll PM you when we start.