SMP1 Dragon Egg Weekend Home

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  1. The SMP1 Dragon Egg is currently located at 103. It's stay is short due to prior engagements.

    It wished to show support for the minor (and failed) protest of the Death XP change.

    I secretly think it is laughing at me.
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  2. lol, you protested the death xp change? I think it makes the XP more like XP and less like *Mysterious Magical Orbs* as Dark_Liz once referred them as.
  3. It's not the XP that I protest... it's the fact that dying means nothing now....

    Anyway... the post is about the Dragon Egg...
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  4. I would like to have the ender dragon egg, I need it for my museum, I will pay anything, plus JustinGuy and me are looking for one to buy or recieve. Please message me back as soon as you can, If I could have or buy the ender dragon egg. Thank You. Good Bye.
  5. mystul can you get online please?

  6. did this baby chicken just lay a GIANT egg??
  7. actually
    I laid it soz
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen - The Egg has left the building....

    I personally think it would be great to KEEP the Egg full time at 103...

  9. Egg will be showcased permanently at Dragonia Hotel in Utopia res # 5003 due shareholder being paid off
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  10. say that again after you fall into lava carrying a stack of diamonds
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  11. Ok so the post isn't about the egg anymore... since Ranisma think his lot is better... that and he has the rups...

    FYI - 103 can be used anytime.... it IS SMP1's Egg after all.

    I have fallin into lava with some diamonds before... my worst 'fall' was a full INVENTORY of glowstone... and the sadder thing was it was a glitch that did it... that and a computer crash... basically go logged (no worries - I was on my 1 block wide bridge.... log in and suffocate becasue i get put into some random block...

    Did I cry? Yes. Did I ask for it back? Nope - lava happens... Did I pour a double of Glen Livet - damn right!

    Still, making an arbitrary decision to take away death... not cool in my book. *End Rant* (Unless brought up again)
  12. they didn't take away death. they made it so you don't lose xp points. you said you protest because they made death meaningless. they didn't, you still lose your stuff. As you stated you cried and drank when you died - that doesn't sound meaningless to me.
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  13. what they did is having to "run back after getting 50 xp lvls" wortless since now, u can die and spawn by portal room with ALL your XP safe...

    now everyone will have chanted picks and will go get lots of stuff breaking the market more that what some ppl believe it is already...

    Just wait to see all those players who grind mobs go "commando" (naked) fistign mobs and not worrying of carrying food / potions etc nor even having to "safely" run back through day-/night cycles to spawn to conserver their valued XP

    /Awaiting next "EMC worst Threat" kind of post arguing about how easy is now to make a shop and ppl selling damn cheap stuff

    may I have another please? /totally disagrees with the XP update

    EDIT: lol btw this reply started by the "ranisima thinks his lot is better" comment... should have put something about that first isnt it?

    Nah its not my Plot its gonna be hosted in Mr2r2m's Hotal in Utopia

    <---- Regular member
  14. sure. try running in the wild killing mobs with your fists, and tell me how easy and quick it actually was.
  15. sure.. try running back with 50 xp lvls now.. see how fast and easy it is.. oh wait nvm, now you can die and get to portal room... damn not even need to run back

    Next feature update will be a keep on death "backpack" soo close to becoming a "creative server"

    nearly up to the point where the "SURVIVAL" part of what EMC is is no longer "SURVIVING"...
  16. it's no harder now than it was before. you just run. the mobs can't keep up unless they're bugging out.
  17. My G-D, I thought I was alone....

    BTW keep your Egg.... although NOW what do I use my throne room for :) I did build it with that egg in mind... suppose that's what I get. Although, I DID own the egg for a few hours... and it was nice.

    I was told by some purple guy that I let my views seep out a bit too much... well yes he's correct. But, apamment - I usually agree with your views and 'calm'.. but i can tell you that... I'd rather throw my diamonds at the mobs chasing me then to lose my 50lvls of XP... but alas...
  18. well that makes sense. i never really valued xp that much because when i want it i just sit in front of a blaze spawner practically invulnerable in my iron armor and fire pots. my stuff on the other hand takes forever for me to find.
  19. ... u dont even need to worry now for falling into a cave, or watching your step in the "run" they might not catch up with you, but add that it no longer matters if you are full health and food nemore, that doesnt matter if when "running" back u cross path with a creeper in a blind corner or behind a tree that blows up on you and all your much or few time spent on grinding that XP was lost...

    THAT ,kind sir.. is the epitome of SURVIVAL, not not losing stuff (XP) when killed
  20. i have an idea, why don't you make some crap you don't want, then when you die, enchant it and throw it into some lava. that way, you would still "lose" your xp when you die.
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