SMP? The Lost Lava Base

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by d1223m, Nov 8, 2012.

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  2. Very pretty ^_^
  3. Well, the server # is in the Imgur album... I'd take that out. But very nice job!
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  4. Heh, it doesnt really matter :)
  5. if we find it do we have to leave its awesomeness forever?
  6. Awesome base
  7. It has an Etho feel to it...
    I love it, with a big heart :D
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  8. For your comment you are now my favorite person ever - apart from Etho himself ;D
  9. The jealousy runs over me.
  10. This place is amazing
  11. I added a reddit link. If people wanted to upvote it a little.. I wouldnt complain! :)
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  12. Upvoted!
    Also, any clues?
  13. Thanks guys. And thanks for those who voted on reddit. Somehow I got to the front page of /r/minecraft :D
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  14. Amazing, this has to be the best wild base I have even seen!
  15. This is the most amazing underground base I've seen on a smp.
  16. It does look very Etho like.
  17. i WAS building an exact copy of ethos base, but got bored with it.
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  18. :D Where's the entry form lol
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  19. :D Number 6. This is EMC PR at its finest.