SMP 9 - The Spy Mansion ~Eclipsys

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  1. Hello peoples of the Empire!

    I bring you, the finished version of 'The Spy Pie Mansion'.

    It has 10 rooms, 3 balconys, a pool, multiple fountains. 2 penthouses and working light switches!

    (Extended IMGUR album:

    Here are some pictures:
    javaw 2012-06-09 12-43-00-37.jpg javaw 2012-06-09 12-31-50-67.jpg javaw 2012-06-09 12-33-39-83.jpg javaw 2012-06-09 12-33-47-93.jpg
  2. :D Thanks alot i really love it <3
  3. As always, nice job :)
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  4. Looks Awsome :)
  5. Why always Eclipsys, maybe because he is masterbuilder? :p
  6. My only tool is imagination :D
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  7. God tool than! :p
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  8. I'm sad. I was charged so much more lol. Still worth it though.
  9. TheSpyPie payed 80,000r for this mansion (it was 75k, but it was 5k overbudget, due to the Redstone lighting systems XD)