SMP 6 - erose city outpost

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  1. We have decided the outpost will be located on SMP 6. The outpost will be a collection of EMCer who work together to survive and build a city in the wild. I will be making let's plays on my youtube channel to show our events and the progression of the city. If you are interested in applying to be a member of the outpost you have to do two things.

    1. Create an account on our forums at
    2. Answer the questions in the applications thread.

    Do not post your answers here post them in a private message on the other forums.

    Old thread:
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  3. 3rd! SWAGGGGGG
  4. mine is in except for the building picture
  5. I just put one of my builds from creative i had on imgur already :p
  6. I just posted mine on the forum topic that said you should post your app pic here so I did :p
  7. Let it be know I am not a builder but a survivalist
  8. 10th! woot! :D and applied.
  9. Grrrrr took to long wile writing my app and clicked send and it told me to log in again :(
    So all that work on a nice app gone. So sad now, have to do it again tomorrow.
  10. Ever heard of ctrl-c and ctrl-v?
  11. Ya :p I'm just used to emc where you don't automatically log out after a set time.
  12. of course. you posted first on your own thread
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  13. I applied, but the page after the application failed on me. Could someone tell me if my application came trough?

  14. if anything click that which I have circled with my mad editing skills
  15. I clicked that button, and filled in the form. But when I sent it in I got an error message from Chrome. So I dont know if the application came trough
  16. wat