[SMP 5] Biscuit Mansion (10222) ~Eclipsys

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  1. Hello to you all!

    I wanted to show you my new build for Biscuitboy5396, The Biscuit Mansion!

    View from the garden:
    javaw 2012-05-13 16-11-43-12.jpg

    View from the side:
    javaw 2012-05-13 16-12-02-47.jpg

    View pf Right gate:
    javaw 2012-05-13 16-12-15-15.jpg

    View center front:
    javaw 2012-05-13 16-12-33-55.jpg

    View center front fountain:
    javaw 2012-05-13 16-12-56-53.jpg

    Living room downstairs:
    javaw 2012-05-13 16-13-32-39.jpg

    Staircase view:
    javaw 2012-05-13 16-13-49-60.jpg

    javaw 2012-05-13 16-14-04-50.jpg

    Attic Storage:
    javaw 2012-05-13 16-14-14-06.jpg

    Likes / Comments are welcome! I'd love to hear your opinion!
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  2. Another great structure built by Eclipsys...
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  3. How much did he pay you?
  4. A pity there are no cookie-blocks...
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  5. Thats... Just... Stunning!

    Once again again again! :D

    What texture pack is that? and you got a link for it? I've always done standard - but that one looks nice.
  6. He still has to pay me XD. I usually charge 50k per res covering build. And that would be with materials supplied by the contractor. If you want me to buy my own mats that price will increase with another 15-20k to a complete package of 70ks

    In this case it's different though, bisc payed me 50k to buy materials and I've spent about 40k's on the mats for this residence, Wool and such.
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  7. I think its called DokuCraft
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  8. Its an altered version of DokuCraft that came with a map download from FyreUK
  9. He actually buys allot of stuff, then when he doesn't need it he sells it back to me XD he makes allot of money, then he loses allot of money and the cycle continues.
  10. Lol XD Well thats also a way of solving things
  11. Link?
  12. If I get a utopia resident will you build me one? :O I'll give you money for supplies if you need them.
  13. Depends on the pay and the size you want it to be (res filling/partial/flying)

    Utopia residences are 4x SMP residences, that would make 200k, thats quite a lot of rupees XD We would need to discuss a price :)
  14. ok =P i have to go to Target atm -.- so.... I will be back after we go.... so :3 kk and if not Utopia Resident then just a 60x60 resident
  15. Just...... W O W ...... Thats an amazing work of art.

    How do you come up with these designs? do you sit down and think about hows it gonna look, or do you just build on instinct?
  16. biscuit? :p
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  17. U built it
  18. Good Job Elcipsys, keep it up :) looking forward to your 2 upcoming District 67 creations.