SMP 5: Alpine Springs Outpost

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How awesome is Alpine Springs?

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  1. ALPINE SPRINGS! (Locked Chest in it south of south outpost, smp5 wild)

    The new outpost on SMP5, Dr_Hacksaw's creation, Alpine Springs, has arrived. A few roads and plots have been put into place but I need your help to make this the best outpost ever. The outpost will be centered around fishing and mining. The outpost will have a socialistic economy involving all the members working together and giving their mined/fished/farmed materials to the Leader (Me) and I will sell it for profit which I will give out in shares to the group. This outpost is very similar to another AMAZING outpost, Luckygreenbird and Blackknight1021's, Lucky Pirate Crew. Hopefully once more members come out and use the place we can put in a nether rail and some grinders. Also a nether rail is being planned for easy access to town. We are just south of the south outpost. If u want to join please fill out the following application and I will PM u more info :)
    Below are the items we need.
    • Wood
    • Tools of any kind
    • Gold Ingots
    • Armor
    • Any building blocks
    • Torches
    How active in the outpost will you be?:
    What items can you bring?:
    Have you been banned?:
    If so, why?:
    I hope to see you all soon :)
  2. IGN:spidey329
    Strengths?:mining, exploreing, dieing (alot), farming, redstoneing,
    How active in the outpost will you be?:it depends, im in about 5 outposts now so it might be hard, but ill try to be on alot
    What items can you bring?:anything
    Have you been banned?:yes
    If so, why?:big misunderstanding, all cleared up now
  3. Certainly accepted my friend! I'll make a convo for the outpost and include you!
  4. I'm willing to try

    Strengths?: Farming, but building defenses, and building in general
    How active in the outpost will you be?: Fairly as work allows
    What items can you bring?: Some foods, I only started on this server yesterday
    Have you been banned?: If so, why?: Never on any server

    come see what I did on 1718 in less than a day
  5. Nice, you're in, tell me when u want to come out :)
  6. Bump! Can a staff please verify my outpost?
  7. ok how do i join
  8. Strengths?:Redstone, Mob Fighting, Redstone, Farming, Redstone
    How active in the outpost will you be?: I got about 3 different emc servers, but if others are on then I will definitely come over.
    What items can you bring?: Already brought some ;)
    Have you been banned?: Was banned for 3 days on one of my other accounts
    If so, why?: Got into a quarrel with someone
  9. Nice to see you officially join! I added you to the convo!
  10. Fill out the form at the top of the page.
  11. Much needed bump! We have a population of 5 now and need more members, a nether passage is being worked on and iron and skele farms are on deck!
  12. Nether rail is now finished. Only takes 3-4 minutes to get to the outpost 5k out :). If u r interested join!
  13. IGN:
    Strengths?: Surviving,building,loving
    How active in the outpost will you be?: Sort of active
    What items can you bring?: umm stuff
    Have you been banned?: nope.avi
    If so, why?:
  14. Well u r accepted :D welcome
  15. Thanks for griefing me Dr_Hacksaw...

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  16. i didnt do that...,
  17. Sure hope to see someone besides me

    doubled walled area
    enchanting table will now do up to 30 lvl
    lots of cows and sheep
    lots of chickens...please dont disturb
    feilds of crops moved so we can have a main street with no farm near it...
    added roof to entry area just so it wont rain on enchantment table

    farm is set up to become underground if we wish...
  18. Will be out soon. Was on ski trip. Awesome work.
  19. Went all the way to about -2700.15000 did find anything, of course is was night and had to fight lots of mobs.

    the bed you set by the enderchest is still there untouched as is the rest of the outpost...

    I wonder why it didn't respawn correctly?