SMP 4 Enderfarm Griefed

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  1. I built with the help of others an enderfarm in the end a month ago, it was the biggest on SMP4 and it was the longest and the widest, excluding the rooms and farms we made around it that were large as well. Any way I was wondering if you can help me find the griefer, if a moderator reads this, can you please check who placed this sign, I think the griefer will be found much faster.

    After the griefer(s) will get banned I'll assemble a team to repair the damage, it's pretty much big, the roof was destroyed and everything is covered with water, I counted that around 120 pistons were stolen from the enderfarm.
  2. Are they able to do that?
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  3. I feel for you.

    I made a nice ender-grinder, on smp9. I made the mistake of assuming most people were nice, and wanted it to be "open for all". Others asked if they could build houses, I said "sure, of course!" and even helped make platforms out into void for 'em. It was great.

    It lasted two days, before a couple of idiots griefed it. They stole about 3 stacks of sticky-pistons.

    People suck.

    I feel for ya.

    I hope you catch the ****s.
  4. Nope. But they spelt "rofl" wrong.
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  5. Maybe they thought his name was Rolf? Like that dog from the Muppets.
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  6. I don't know if they can do that but if they can then it would be great
  7. The moderators can find out who put the sign, PM them the location of the sign and they will find out who placed it.
  8. this is so annoying although i did notice that elmo something took about 7 people into there and me and Danny277 when to the other one so i will try to help
  9. yes they can use the command /lb check, it tells u
    you who broke the block you are looking at
  10. Oh my god... Is the other one griefed? And when you guys go fix it i'll be glad to come and help.
  11. uhhhhh i always go to that farm and get xp.
    It was my only source of income
    :( :(
  12. Yes. Trust me when I say yes. They can also check who accessed what chest when.
    Also when its repaired may I use it?
  13. Btw are the pistons sticky or regular?
  14. When i went into smp4 end it was basically water everywhere
  15. Are youse sure? I thought it was pretty clear that they can't check block placing logs.
  16. They can see SIGN placement on square. I don't know about ANY block though.
  17. Ohhhh.
  18. Wow, stupid people strike again. * sigh * I can't wait until we perm ban them muhahahahahaaa
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  19. I don't get these people, the 3rd enderfarm on SMP4 is the best in SMP4, why people griefed it, it was designed to help people get enchanted items to sell them for money, easy money and a lot of money is an easy way to buy blocks and build awesome stuff, why did they ruin it what sense they have, waste time on completing the tutorial, finding the end and ruining everything?
  20. Their jealous little losers. ( the griefers )