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  1. Alright so I have not started this display yet that i have been planning for a while now but will once i get the space required for it to be built. It is planned to be on smp3 on a few town spawn res's and will house the player heads i have aquired over time along with all the promos/rare items i have. IF anyone would like to donate their head to be displayed in it there is a donation chest on the res 6003. When i do start building it i will have pictures posted as it goes up to show the progress at different stages. i plan it to take up 6 spawn res's in a rectangle shape but that may not even happen but again one can only hope XD all that i ask is no more than if anyone would like their head to be displayed in the build there is a chest set up for that though i am not holding my breath on that to be done.

    btw i may post pictures of what it will look like ahead of time because im thinking of creating it elsewhere then posting pictures. there is limited space for how many heads will fit so check to see if i already have yours on 6003 on smp3. i have most of what i own layed out. thanks to those that would like to help me out and i hope this turns out as great as i have planned
  2. o.o kewl! (even tho you already told me you were planning this and all that ):)
  3. Can't wait!
  4. Cool to see something nice being added to SMP3 :)
  5. alright due to someones great going to be looking for the heads of each of the contribution team members and the build team members. it will add to the way i will be sectioning everything off so if you would like to donate/sell your head let me know thanks!
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  6. Dis is going to be an awesome project :D
  7. I will donate one of my heads. There are only 3 in existence. 1 is owned by ItsMeMatheus, which he paid handsomely for. I have the original head and your build can/will feature the Kings head for all to marvel and drool over. (Please don't actually drool on my head).
  8. alright thanks g00tch! and btw thanks to those that have donated more than just their own head so far, i now have a larger collection of heads due to a few players as of recently. if anyone else has their head that they would like to put on display just head on over to 6003 there is a chest set up. if you have quite a few to donate or even if you would like to sell a bulk amount let me know here or through pm so i can meet up somewhere and we talk. thanks again to those who have helped so far and to those who end up helping in the future!
  9. You have a little to many heads.... :p
  10. well its gonna be a very large build XD got to have enough heads for a build this size. plus those who donate their heads will get a little something when the build is built and it is released
  11. OMG YOU ALREADY TOLD ME THIS! well something realllllly similar :p
  12. nope. this is first time mentioning that those who provide heads will get a little surprise. because i thought about it a few hours ago XD
  13. What If You Donated Other Peoples Heads? Does That Mean That Other People Will Get A Special Surprise As Well?
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  14. The sacred g00tch head has been delivered. I'll check back to see the display.
  15. alright so an update im still trying to get a few more plots but soon to start on the front of the display. at this point i am looking for promos that people are willing to part with (sell/trade/loan if need to be) so i can get the promos i dont have. main promos being the diff horse eggs/60k member promos things like that. also if you do have quartz you are willing to sell in bulk that would be great as im going to need alot. other than that i am not in need of anything else though you are welcome to donate whatever you would like just let me know what you donated so i can give the credit to the proper player. thanks

    PS i would also like to add i am in need of quite a few moderator heads so let me know if you have any
  16. still here ;p, still in need of items