[Small vent] You and the wiki, care to share?

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Do you use the Empire Wiki?

Yes 10 vote(s) 43.5%
Sometimes 10 vote(s) 43.5%
No 3 vote(s) 13.0%
  1. Edit: I did it again :confused:

    Hi gang!

    I am having a great time at the moment, even though I just got kicked (for being idle ;)). They're out to get me, I'm sure ;)

    Ever since I came to the Empire I took a great liking to the wiki. Within a few days I knew how to find my way around and eventually also started to send in updates. The wiki means a great deal to me, also because I believe that it can really be a near to complete * source of information. (* there will always be areas which we missed).

    But you want to know something else?

    May sound excessive but its also something I truly believe: we couldn't have kept up our current standards without you guys (yes, you dear reader!). The main problem with documentation, the all out ancient problem.. What I write down doesn't have to be picked up in the same way by you as I intended it. Literal magic.

    This is probably not the best of examples, I made it up while writing, but...

    "This player kept annoying me so much.. There was only one thing left to do. Well, good luck entering my residence!".

    What did you just read here? I banned him, right? /res pset nasty_player move false?

    But what about my shop?

    Oh, I know: I wrote 'residence' up there. Yes, sorry, but to me that's not so much my plot (piece of ground) but my house. Sorry for the confusion. So you probably read 'residence' and - rightfully so - assumed I meant my whole residence. I know, I decided to play the devils advocate. Even so; you did not pick up what I intended to say (or so I think).

    So back on track, the wiki....

    This is just my opinion but I honestly think that some of the best edits ("best" in the eye of the beholder of course) were initiated by you guys. What better way is there for us (contrib team) to learn that a certain page isn't as great as it should be when you start asking us (EMC in general) questions about the subject?

    It's one of the reasons I always try to keep my eyes open for players who read the wiki yet still had issues.

    Which brings me down to my post. I'd like to ask you guys for your opinion; do you use the wiki?

    And as always: thanks for your time!
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  2. So I messed up the poll again. Sorry guys :(

    The wiki means a great deal to me, so I figured I'd post. But for some reason, no matter when I set it up, I often hit enter to finish my poll question and then the whole thing gets posted.

    Alas.. I still stand by what I asked above... Do you use the wiki often?
  3. Poll Fixed
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  4. I use the Wiki a lot. ;)
  5. I used to use it a lot when I was new. However, I do not anymore.
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  6. I never used to use the wiki, but I seldom use it for things like looking up rule changes and old promotional items.
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  7. I use the wiki very often.