[Small Unimportant Suggestion] Voting Streak Above Rupees on Forums

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by NetherSpecter, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. So I just thought it's be handy to have the player's voting streak above the rupee count on the forums, and just under the name when hovering over their profile details. Any thoughts?

    It's small, and unimportant and does not need to be rushed. :p

  2. +1
    I love this idea, it sounds very useful! :)
  3. hmm 3rd post and 2nd reply NUH and it seems reasonable
  4. Makes too much sense. Stahp.
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  5. and/or put a voting streak on the "my empire" tab
  6. but if it was only listed under 'my empire' then only you would be able to see your streak. (which you can see what your streak is just by checking your rupee history (that is if you voted recently for it to show up)
    i think he means it under the profile so that everyone can see what your streak is? and i like this idea a lot. +1
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  7. That's not a bad idea either, possibly add it to these two locations?

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  8. Seems pretty reasonable.
  9. and now i reread the original thing you said and realize you mean above your own rupee count so that you can see it. >_< lol happy to add to your idea though xD
    i read it wrong for some reason. sorry :p
  10. Not a problem, this just shows that even from a mistake comes an idea :p

    Pretty embarrassing for Batman to make a mistake though :p
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  11. It is planned for the leaderboards to be expanded to include voting. At this time it would be likely for that player information box to also be filled with some more information (but not until then)
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