[Small project] Cuervo's Medieval Mini-town.

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  1. Good afternoon everybody.
    First off, I'll explain that I've decided to create this separate thread as I don't want to barrage other posts like "Residence Update Log! The latest changes in the Empire Town!" with my own things photos and stories, but I DO want to make my own things and stories and share them with anyone interested!
    I must say that I'm not a great builder, but I've been doing some things around the years, even though this, I've never shared them anywhere or stored them online, so I've finished losing my photos/saves of older projects... Now, let's format this a little:

    Cuervo's Medieval Mini-town

    Ok, now that I've introduced this and explained myself, it's time to proceed with the whole concept: I'm building a small town-like-village-thing, I can't do too much with a 60x60 plot but I really don't want anything bigger, I really love to build, but I get stressed easily on the biggest projects.

    -Cuervo, why are you writing this wall of text at an early stage?
    +Good question, I want to share the ENTIRE process of creation with you all (don't worry, I won't make three-hours-long-videos or anything like that, I'll share my progress via small entries with a little bit of text and screenshots

    -Ok, ok, it may not sound bad altogether... But how will you organize everything so this isn't a chaos of screenshots with thousands of entries?
    +Well, in the first place, I can't guarantee that this first post doesn't become a monster of entries that could eat you all, but I have a few ideas:
    1. I will try not to write excessive entries, I may finish my project within 10-15, maybe less.
    2. For those people interested only in the photos, I'll organize every entry on different albums on a link to my imgur's profile that I'll let somewhere visible aaand I will post a link of every single entry that will probably be temporary or maybe not, who knows, with the entry itself.
    3. Did you really thing I had that many ideas? :p.
    As a final note, I'd like to say that EVERY SINGLE SMALL BIT of healthy criticism and/or feedback will be appreciated, if you think that I've started planning my thing differently to you, and you want to share with me your own technique you ABSOLUTELY CAN, and I'll appreciate it A LOT.

    PD: I don't want donations at all, I'd accept it if you want to help me building this little thingy, but I really don't want to bother anyone and chatting with my five mins in-game or sharing your opinion here is way more than all I can ask. Seriously, don't donate anything if you are not sure, I don't care if the project lasts for eight months and doing everything myself :). Thank you beforehand.

    As I don't want to overextend this more, I'll go straight to the point:



    Announcement: I've had to cut some of the entries and the Fast update of the day!!! section as I've reached 10.000 characters on this main post, they both will be stored a couple of comments down this one! Please, check them if you want! Thank you.

    Entry #4: the Mage's Tower, a good looking well, the Market 1/2 and some general furnishing!

    Yay! It's Wednesday, as I promised! *Flashback sound*
    Nope? Ok... Maybe I'm throwing in a couple of entries faster than I thought, but I've had tons of free time which I won't have this week, as I won't be able to play too much this weekend I want to clarify the future of this thread and what are my objectives from now on! First off, screenshots:

    As you can see, everything seems pretty done structurally but lacks loads of decoration, so... I can proudly say that I'm at around 80% of reaching my objective when I started this thread... Despite this fact, I've got a TON of ideas to build in my Mini-town, so I'm going to change the basis of this thread and make it a little more... Dynamic.

    That's what I'm going to do from now on, until I get to finish this project totally:
    • I want that you, yes, you, the sir/madam reading this post, come to my residence while I'm online (this is pretty easy to know, I'm gold supporter, simply write /who smp9 and if you see "Cuervo" you can come to my residence (/v Cuervo or /v 18646), because I have a little surprise to you all and I may guide you through a small visit to what we have accomplished until now. This will be so important for me so, the amount of people coming to my residence will determine the success or failure of a little wonderful-thingy I'll be able to prepare for you. Please, please, if you come to my residence, do not comment anything with anyone!
    • I'll add something extra to the first point, so I can motivate you to come and pay me a visit! (if you're interested, obviously). Today I'm going to create a bulletin board on a random location of my town (hint: it won't be on the walls, so you won't have much problem finding it), where I'm going to post what's going to happen with my town from now on (What will be my next building? Will I be doing anything special like an event or so? Will I giveaway items at some point?) and you will have to visit it at least one time (I'll try to write everything today, so noone has to come twice to my residence). Now that I've said that, I want to announce that this will be the last time you see this kind of screenshots:

    All that info and some more will be posted at the billboard

    • Soon, very soon, I'll update this thread again, and I'll start a couple or three polls to ask you how I must decorate some aspects of my town, anyway, I don't want to say much about this as this will happen next week.
    So, this was the entry for today, I may come up with more ideas, you can suggest anything you think of on the comments if you want, all the feedback will be very appreciated.

    PD: Remember that I'll be pretty AFK this weekend until Sunday, so don't break your head searching me, if you let me a fine PM in the forum or a mail in-game, I'll tell you when I'll be on so we can meet! Thank you so much!


    (Early, early, early version: 0.0001a)

    As some people has helped me already, I've decided to start this post on a really early version of what I have in mind, I'll be updating it as time goes on.

    Those guys and girls helped me somehow during this first week of work.
    • 8808: he accepted to trade with me and provided me with 10.000 credits I needed to move a structure and keep building (saved me a LOT of time).
    • CuteGirlyGamer11 payed me a fine visit, stayed with me a couple of minutes to chat and gave me her feedback on some aspects of my decoration
    • DrMadFate payed me a good visit and invited me to his residence on Utopia (spam, check it, spam) where he has built some fine looking medieval structures.
    • ItsMeWolf also visited me, he also gave me feedback personally and helped me so much by donating a stack of leather I needed, three villager eggs, a name tag and decided the name of Jimbo the Blacksmith!
    Well, that's all I can remember for now, some people of the staff came to my residence but just because I needed some help moving structures, I want to thank them also for doing their jobs!
    Thank you all so much! Really.
    PD: keep in mind that I'll be updating this

    Project Progress

    Edits 1 and 2: Additional info that I always forgive, I'm using Dokucraft Light as resource pack and SEUS 10.1 as Shader Pack.
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  2. I am very happy about this
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  3. this is awesome! come visit me on SM6, cuervo, i have a medieval broch, and two sort of late 1400s town houses as two of my shops! any advice you need, let me know, i'm a medievalist... i specialise 1150 - 1220, and would love to help out! also, if you need any flowers, i have a flower shop! the roses, obviously, are modelled on later versions of the plant, but the aliums, poppies, dandelions and simpler ones are all histaccurate!

    things to remember: a well, preferably central; gates at each compass side; chickens in gardens, the occasional pig...
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  4. Awesome! Good luck.
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  5. If you ever need help building, let me know. very cool project so far and I'd love to help :)
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  6. I love your mood, seriously. You make other people so happy! Thanks!

    I'll go as soon as I have a break, seriously :). This weekend is going to be a little stressing, but I want to see what have you done.

    Thank you so much for the offer and thanks for the advices too! I'll have them in mind and I'm going to move my house and build a well where it was! (some can't be implemented, for instance, four doors on a 60x60 residence is too much, to don't lose all the space Ill keep one straight wall, you'll see what I mean on the future. Thank you again!

    Haha, I got so happy when I saw your comment, didn't thought anyone will want to help to build this, sadly, I'll have to deny your offer as I'm a very peculiar builder, but you can come with me and we can go mining or chopping at some time and chat a little, win-win.
    I just feel so much gratitude anyway!

    I'll introduce a small personal note here: I've built loads of projects before, but this time it's totally different, it makes me so happy to see that someone has liked my thread, to read every comment a couple of times, what's more, I feel so good writing the replies to the comments! I just wish to make something worth for you to come and see it at least one time, seriously. I know I'm repeating this a lot, but... Thank you all, so much.

    I'm happy.

    PD: I'm going to write the second Entry and I'll go to bed.

    Edit: I had to do some formatting again, I'm so sleepy and I miss things :oops:
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  7. Oh my. Even the few things you've posted so far are beautiful. It makes me very happy to think that EMC has amazing builders such as yourself for us peasants to appreciate.

    I'm very excited to see this progress; I'll definitely have to stop by soon to take a closer look.
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  8. says the guy who put up a fine looking skyscraper seemingly overnight at spawn on 8 when I wasn't looking
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  9. Thank you so much for the compliment, but I'm definitely not a good builder at all, believe me :p I just repeat the things again and again until I see it looks OK, and ofter fail calculating distances and have to move whole structures :rolleyes:. Anyway, if it looks good for someone I think I'm doing my job!

    I'm also trying to show my own way of doing this because I think it can really help someone! Even if it's really bad you'll know what you must not do! :cool:

    PD: you can come whenever you want to see this! (even thought it's still early on the development)

    That's worth seeing :eek: Residence number?

    PD: I tweaked a bit the wall and posted the before and after screenshots to show how small changes mean a lot sometimes ^^ (it's on the Update of the day #2)
  10. aw bless ya! *hugs* looking forward to the developments continuing!
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  11. Could go check out 5214 for some ideas :p its on utopia something small i am working on
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  12. I'll definitely check it as soon as possible! Thanks!

  13. Older Entries"s Registry #1
    I'll be posting older entries here as my main post has reach 10.000 characters u_u'

    Entry #1: Planning and gathering

    Ok, so this is how the thing looks today:

    Yes, yes... I know: "Cuervo you foolish lazy sloth"; maybe: "m8 u hve nuthin wot r u doing?", but that's how it works when you start a project and want to share the experience of building something.

    Resuming what I've done here, just to start:
    Built a small little shelter for me to live which will be the center of the village.
    Started planning with which buildings I will be filling the empty space of empty emptyness I have right now (A deserted plain is a plain full of possibilities!).
    Started gathering some materials, but I will need some more time (a couple of days maybe) just to gather all I need to really start this, so the next entry will take longer to be posted (I'll wait until I've done some real progress).

    That's all for now, thanks for reading.

    Entry #2: Walling 1/2 and technical problems

    I must clarify that I wasn't going to separate the Walling part in two entries when I planned this post, but I've been working on it for around... Ten hours already, I've been looking for info, choosing materials, watching other people's models, gathering everything I thought I needed and then gathering again because I calculated poorly...
    As a resume: I've been working non-stop on this the last two days, and I've done the hardest part of the wall right now which are the gates and the corners, well, to don't spoil anything, here are some pictures:

    To finish this, I'll just say that I had some technical problems and I couldn't finish the third door today, basically because I built one of the towers one block to the left and I have to move the whole structure before finishing that door :( (and that's all because I left a sign on the wrong place during the planning...). But I'm fine! I'll finish the wall as soon as possible and you can expect the next update around next Wednesday!

    Thanks for reading!

    Entry #3: Walling 2/2, solving technical problems and the Blacksmith Workshop

    I knew I said that this was going to be published around Wednesday, but I wasn't serious at all :rolleyes:. I've finished the wall at a 90% (the 10% left is a single chest of IRON BLOCKS!!!! I'm lacking and won't get anytime soon :oops:.
    I've built a prototype of the Blacksmith Workshop which will be there if I can't figure anything better, anyway, it still needs some tweaking that won't be done until I finish the rest of the village, so... Screenshots!

    Disclaimer: at this point of the development I'll accept visits gladly, I think that you have enough content to hang out on my residence for 3-7 minutes, which is a lot! I'll be there most of the time (if not, I'll be mining or offline), come and chat with me a couple of minutes if you want, I'll be so grateful as I feel lonely sometimes :(, nah, I'm joking, I'm not sad :), but come if you want, it will be fun!

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  14. Fast update of the day! #3!!!

    Ok, ok, My head is going to explode, I'll just ask your feedback about this Mage's Tower concept!

    (Still unfinished and it's pretty empty inside, but I don't have any more time today xP

    Love you all.

    PD: Seriously, you made me a little bit happier just by reading this :) <3

    Edits 1 and 2: Additional info that I always forgive, I'm using Dokucraft Light as resource pack and SEUS 10.1 as Shader Pack, everything works perfectly with optifine to be as good as it is.
    I'll answer mostly every single post individually but I'll do it when there are 4-5 posts since my last one, so I don't spam too much or overbump this, I don't like bumping my own thread >_<.

    Edit 3: fast updates of the day's first update arrived! Look at the first update of this fast update of the day's announcement to be update about further updates via the fast updates to be updated quickly about what I am updating every update on the fast update of the day's section! (I'll post a quick image (one or two within a spoiler every single day of work (not every day) with the progress I've done, and the next update will overlap the last one! (all the screenshots will be on a separate album on imgur anyway, I just thought this was fun to do :))[/quote]
  15. Hello, hello!
    I'm back with another HUGE update to this thread! Please, read carefully the entry #4 if you want to know what is going on! (I suppose that you've noticed something weird already if you're reading this x'D)

    Thank you so much! Love you!
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  16. Vote in the straw poll or I'll eat your babies! >:DDDDD

    Nah, seriously, pleeeeeeeeease :)
    (This is a subtle way to bump without saying "bump", because I don't like to "bump" but if I haven't done it in a week I think I've won some credit to let other people see this thread, right? :p Maybe not... :(

    Vote on thestraw poll!!!! xD


    PD: Obviously you can pass, I can't make you vote if you don't want, I'm just testing some ways of makint his a little more participative than just looking at what I'm trying to achieve at my residence and make you all part of it (this is not the only way, obviously). If you have any ideas of how to improve the future polls, just tell me.

    PDD: If you don't like any of the names you can propose your ones on the comments :) That would be awesome. Well, thanks for reading.

    Edit: I'm taking a break this week, I have a lot of work from the University that I must attend.
  17. your detail is so good! it's so impressive! the depth and foreground/background you create is just beautiful!
    sidebar, if you ever decide to thatch, come to me for free wheat!

    thatching always seems like such a good idea and then you remember why you said you wouldn't do it again...