SlimeJet! (Planes)

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  1. SlimeJet! is a new company dealing in planes.

    We first flew the Flyer under the Stoneguard Bridge on June 9th 2015. Since then, we have been testing around the Wremian forests, with Flyer 2 crashing into the forest and taking half of the forest away with it before devon699 caught up. A useful tool for clearing, we have noted.

    In Wrem itself flights were flown, with devon699 flying the plane the wrong way, which catapulted it into a Monarch Industries property on the riverside.

    NotoriousPaulG watched, but after a while of devon crashing the plane, I grew bored and went to make my fortune.

    I went to town, telling people of the new invention I had flown. I offered flights for the hefty price of 2500r, and nearly all who took up the offer fell off promptly when they stood on the wrong block of the plane.

    After a few blocks it hit some snow structure.

    Finally, Devon has flown the ocean

    That was the history.

    Now, the company has opened!
  2. I will fly definetly with the planes
  3. XD
    So are you a company solely for giving useless rides? >.>

    Edit: my friend uses a boat in his airplane so there's no way to fall off
  4. We use boats too.

    No, we will make air-hubs soon to fly people around the wild.
  5. You are banned how do you even have this company????
  6. Alts.
  7. i do hope that all the griefing you are talking about in the op was repaired and any future griefing that may occur with your machines will also be fixed
  8. Excuse me Bite, but you are accusing the worst of me.

    If you had been on the flight you would have discovered that planes do not pick up materials such as stone. Only leaves, which I doubt people use for their houses anyway.

    It was relatively minor and the trees still looked normal afterwards.

    This is a good leaf-cutting device however... and a sand-clearing one too, we will be offering them soon.
  9. That's very cool that it's multi propose is there a way I can see one plane
  10. Scientists are currently working on a multi-way one. Soon you can.

    We are also working on fighter jets for ceremonies. They will have increased speed.
  11. the way you made it seem in the op your device crashed into someones building
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  12. I'm intrigued by this new invention! May I buy one?
  13. This is interesting. I may be a donor to this project to improve the capabilities of the planes.
  14. So far survival rate is impressive.

    If you donate we could offer you a free lifetime pass.
  15. So far, no.
  16. I built a simple multi directional one on my res on 8001. It can be set up to change directions at stations at the push of a button. I can't take credit for the design though but it works pretty well.