Slime Town Griefing

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by johnnybdetroit, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. Not sure if you noticed... But Slime Town on Utopia is being grieved bad.

    I built the iron golem farm on top of the giant obsidian/iron block tower in the wild.....

    Each night someone steals about 64 iron blocks (blocks to build my tower)... and someone edits my farms...

    They left a bunch of dirt / climbing blocks to get to my iron blocks in my tower...

    Can a mod come see who built these dirt stairs to see who is stealing my building?

    ******What would you mods suggest I do to protect Slime Farm and the Golem farm?

    To everyone that wants to use the farm....

    I have no problem with you using the farm... just dont build at that level around or on it please.. or it wont work.... or get bigger.... its only 2/16 done.

    The top center of the tower is the center of the grinder.... i need the eight adjacent points around the center and up to finish.

    Come, visit,, get free iron from the grinder.... DONT STEAL MY BLOCKS , DONT GRIEF,
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  2. yea most buildings griefed
  3. There was a bit of grief about 12 hours ago but only a couple of buildings and not too bad. There were some people I saw on the chat talking about going to the farm.
  4. 12 hours ago now theres Tons
  5. ofc its gonna be griefed :p its a place that attracts greedy/lazy people (who cba to make their own slime farms), and greedy/lazy ppl love griefing like that(stealing)
  6. Most of the buildings were burned. I know mods can use square to check who did it so it would be a simple matter to see the griever. As for your building, I suggest afking with a screen recorder. Even better if you're hidden.
  7. I know in supporter chat I was talking with Qwerty, builder somthing an james I think dont know full usernames but james and builder asked to join. I also asked to join in like a week cause i need iron D: But I can go and they both were diamond supports. Not sure if they did it.
  8. Screenshots :) ???
  9. Mods got chat logs and I don't take screen shots of chat unless I have to I didn't know of a griefing there til I read this.
  10. As I came on earlier a ton of buildings was griefed + i noticed the iron golem farm was griefed too
  11. I am getting dia supporter and ill meet you on!
  12. I have a feeling since I see you on all the time you had seen the griefer...
  13. im going to afk with quicktime and catch the griefer well ill try
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  14. my cousin (albinopolarbear1) got his house grid of 3 gold and his entire house i mean seriouslt... who is doing this?
  15. idk but its mean im looking for staff on
  16. i hate griefers....
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  17. greifers dont hate greifers :p
  18. You have any screenshots?
  19. Lies. They wont ban people unless there is sufficient evidence. Just your word is not enough for them to take serious action. Dont twist their words.
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