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  1. Some days ago I found some slimes in a cave, so I thought that it could be a slime chunk! But to be sure of that, I waited to see other slimes to confirm it and I saw them. So I created a slime farm, but now slimes aren't spawning anymore! :(
    I lighted up roughly all the caves around that point, but nothing changed... I saw only a tiny slime!
    Any suggestions about this problem?
    Another thing... is there a method to find slime chunks more easily?
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  2. Slimes will only spawn in a slime chunk. Although sometimes they will spawn then wander away from it.

    You could clear out a larger area to see if perhaps they spawned just a little ways outside of what you cleared. - however the problem is probably being caused by the mob cap problem. Natural mob spawning is incredibly up and down because of how many people afk at grinders. They have said they plan to fix the problem. Well - they have been saying it for two months or more. Guess we just have to cross our fingers and wait.
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  3. How do you find the chunks? Like you push F3 and then what do you look at?
  4. I'm going to make a tutorial on finding slimes soon. It really isn't as hard as everyone seems to think it is. Although, there is nothing in f3 that will tell you that you are in a slime chunk.

    You know you are in a slime chunk if slime spawn. That is the only way to know.
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  5. Thanks for the answer melodytune... I think too the mob cap is the problem, I hope it will be solved.
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  6. To find which chunk is a slime chunk, wall them off. Make each chunk it's own room.
    Remember they will only spawn if you are 24+ blocks away from the spawn point. Also, if you used torches to light up the area, change to jack-o-lanterns. Slimes cannot spawn on torches, but they can spawn on jack-o-lanterns.
  7. or glow stone :)
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  8. I used torches but I put them into the room ceiling
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  9. You can easily find slime chunks on superflat :p
  10. Unfortunately they will not spawn on anything with the "glass" metadata, which includes glowstone.
    EDIT, but hanging the the ceiling of course would be fine.
  11. Oh thank you really much for this great information! xD
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  12. Well I am looking forword to that video.
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  13. Remember that in order for big slimes to spawn your floors in the farm need to be 3 blocks high. Also you may want to check how far above bedrock you are, slimes will not spawn above 40 blocks from bottom of bedrock.
  14. Yeah. Just Create a superflat survival or creative and turn difficulty on easy
    and walk around. Just remember to have a sword if your on survival :)
  15. Sure, it's 4 blocks high
  16. The problem with slimes is when they die, they turn into smaller and smaller slimes :p
  17. and split into 2!
  18. I use glowstone in all my farms.

    This video shows they will spawn on it.
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  19. Thanks. :)

    Sometime early this week we (Nolan and myself) will be releasing our dark room spawner tutorial. I rendered it last night but the audio was broken. I need to find out what went wrong. We will probably start filming today or tomorrow on the slime farm. It will definitely not take as long to get done as the dark room spawner tutorial has. So I would say it will come out about a week or so after the first one does.
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  20. Aha, video even states at 1.6 glowstone became "stone" and no longer "glass".

    Good info. Thank you :)