Slime Balls INC

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  1. Slime balls INC

    We farm slimes so you don't have to

    Welcome to slime balls INC official thread, We are a team of slime ball farmers which will bring them to you for a cheaper price. We are currently hiring so please post if you would like to join our team. If a order is taking long it is either because none of out team are online or you are asking for alot, Also once a order has been put in you cannot say you dont want it once been done.

    Current official price: 54r



    Order form:
    Agree to the T.O.S
    Amount of slime balls:
    Total price:

    T.O.S (Terms of service)
    1. Once a order has been put it there is no going back.
    2. You agree to the above;) ^
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  2. can i join plzzzz!!!!!
  3. Not to be rude or anything, But you will need to be gold+ to get to the slime farm sorry.
  4. tell me why, why why why (music voice)
  5. It explained that in the post above.
  6. actually, no it is not explained in the post above. ... the OP is actually quite vague.
  7. Thats is clearly explained. But you will need to be gold+ to get to the slime farm sorry.
  8. why do u have to more that gold?
  9. I see nothing in here about you must be gold or better to be hired in this post. So clearly explained? I think not.
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  10. coffee, I would assume that his farm is located on the Utopian server. Since you have to have a gold or diamond membership to access the wild there, you would need the membership to assist in collecting the slimes.
  11. Also, 54r is a ripoff with the utopian slime farm. ... I went there for only 3 minutes and walked away with like 28 slimes.
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  12. D4nny, I was with you farming remember? The stegosaurus wants to join!
  13. Why do you get to own the farm D4nny? I WAS THERE BEFORE YOU!
  14. Not trying to hijack or advertise on your thread BUT they go cheaper i sell for 35r
  15. I say we kick him out.
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  16. Can i join your chest kirby and you guys could take out iCurtis23