Slendytubbies Let's Play...

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  1. RIP Headphone users...
  2. She screams, you have been warned. I nearly knocked my computer over. :p
  3. Omg, I lmao'd during the whole video. I cant believe you found it scary, I thought the little purple teletubby at the end was cute....
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  4. Oh god not this again.
    If you've ever heard of a guy named Pewdiepie, I watched him play it and the whole time I was hoping that no one would walk into my room and see this on my tv.
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  5. I watched Markiplier and Yamimash play this

    GOSH darn it roo! I was going to start my own let's play series and this was the game i was going to do >.<
    btw what recording softwhere do you use?
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  6. Snapz Pro X
  7. Wait... what,,,
  8. and how do you name your youtube video? xD
  9. Oh.... my.... god.... when that face popped up, I fell off my chair.
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  10. Oh you mean the thumbnail? You must have the YouTube account for more than a month and have some videos up I think. I forgot what the requirements were.

    This game was seriously so scary, which face the purple teletubby or the yellow one?
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  11. I watched the video, it hilarious xD (I'm a horror game expert :3)
    Seriously, Heyaroo, you should play more horror games like Slender The Arrival :p
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  12. ROFL
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  13. I just finished recording a video of it, and it is in the process of uploading.
    There were three points where i mainly got scared:
    1) One of the trees falling down
    2) The dead teletubbie coming to life
    3) My first encounter with TinkyWinky (The purple teletubbie chasing you)

    Also: Will a video that is uploading continue to upload after you log off your computer/close the youtube window?
  14. Yes it will still upload :D
  15. :D
    I still have over an hour to go though -_-
  16. B-but is says if i navigate away from the page, my upload will be lost! D:
  17. About 40 Mins left
  18. Are you sure you clicked save? If you made changes in the description and/or title then you have to click save and then you should be able to go away from the page.
  19. I have clicked save, yes
  20. I just want to note, that when the video started, I was terrified. O.O
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