slenderman documentary (this is not a fake)

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  1. I can't believe that people believe in Slender Man.
  2. Hmm, he isn't really even that scary :p
  3. ik. but that footage.... its a bit disturbing in my opinion
  4. I call bullcrap. I watched slenderman get made a few years back, and I seen him grow into a meme, then a creepypasta and then back to a meme this year.
  5. creepypasta? :confused:
  6. A scary, believable (not in my case), story.
  7. Slender Man is cool.
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  8. A creeper gets lucky in the video. :)
  9. Meh. Slenderman was creepy when he first came out. The internet gave creation to him, and ridiculed him.
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  10. I never thought slender was scary, but the game is a lot more fun with the gun mod :D
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  11. we can tell why you think that :)