Slender on EMC?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by jtc0999, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. I was on the fourms, and saw an ad to download slender....
    Really ICC?
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  2. Obviously ICC personally asked Google to make sure you saw that ad.
  3. The ads are based on your google searches.
  4. ()_o

    ( Sorry but it had to be done.....i have wanted to use Slenderpony for a while....)\

    (Edit) Second after i posted this a Slenderman ad popped up ._.
  5. Broken image...
  6. Try now :D
  7. I have ads to university of Texas... :confused:
  8. I have the slender on right now as well...and toyota :)
  9. Tries to refresh page to see slender*
  10. *High fives
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  11. Ooh, tell me how!
  12. CatBlock is better. It replaces ads with pictures of kittens, making the world a better place.
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  13. Lol...kitties for the win!
  14. Because I came to this thread I now have an ad to download Slender. The bottom is for twilio CLOUD COMMUNICATIONS. That's exactly how it's spelled in their ad lol.
  15. Aliens.
  16. Completely off topic....but i laugh every time i read that Llama Quote in your signature XD
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  17. Lol, now I really want to see slender...for some strange reason..
  18. I click on this thread, and the same ad pops up >.<
    Either Slendy wants to murder me, or ICC and slendy are in an alliance
  19. lol